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    Vaccine is killing more people than covid

    Link to the source ...Vaccine is killing more people than covid The mRNA experimental vaccine from Pfizer killed “about 40 times more (elderly) people than the disease itself would have killed” during a recent five-week vaccination period. Among the younger class, these numbers are compounded...
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    Climate change

    Here is another poll... Has human activity made a considerable difference to the world's climate?
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    Did man land on the moon?

    A simple poll. Did we go to the moon or not???
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    What makes a scientific claim?

    What makes a scientific claim? * A claim that uses data * A claim to "follow the science" or "the science is settled" * A claim you can test * A claim on the news * A claim you can see * A claim that is documented
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    Your a danger that costs lives

    Margaret Court is a legendary tennis play who hold the record for most grand slam titles. Tennis Australia had planned to honour her two years ago i think... However... She is a Christian... An outspoken Christian in regards to LGBT matters... So these radical activists made tennis Australia...
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    In the beginning

    God created the heavens and the earth... What happens next... Are the 7 days literal 7 days? If so then how is it possible for Satan to already be there to tempt Eve? Is that enough for the war in heaven and for Lucifer to be banished with 1/3 of the angels? Also God makes the sun, moon and...
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    Bill Gates plans to block the sun

    This article is from Forbes magazine. Here is the link A Bill Gates Venture Aims To Spray Dust Into The Atmosphere To Block The Sun. What Could Go Wrong? ( Microsoft’s billionaire founder Bill Gates is financially backing the development of sun-dimming technology that would...
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    What caused the buildings on 9/11 collapse?

    On the 11th of September 2001, two planes flew into the twin towers in New York. They both collapsed along with a smaller building... There was also another plane that crashed into the pentagon. Its over 21 years later and alternate theories have circulated... So im wondering... What do people...
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    Largest cause of death for 2020 is...

    Abortion... 73.3 million innocent babies murdered... 57% of total deaths Abortion was the largest cause of death worldwide in 2020, ending the lives of an estimated 73.3 million unborn babies. The World Health Organisation estimates that there were nearly 55.4 million deaths from causes...
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    Real pandemic vs fake pandemic

    Lets have a look at some objective data and evidence about this covid pandemic.. A vast difference... Here is a checklist to help determine weather or not we are in a pandemic Well then... Its quite clear that we nave nothing but a fake pandemic here
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    Amen and awomen

    Link to the source A Democratic congressman said he was surprised by the negative response after he ended an opening prayer on the first day of the new Congress by saying “amen and a-woman” – and said conservative critics including Donald Trump Jr had only proved themselves “soiled by...
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    Fact checking the fact checkers

    This year has seen censorship reach a whole new normal. It used to be done behind a veil of secrecy but now it is as blatant as it gets. Teams of "fact checkers" go out trying to find "misinformation" to report... But I don't trust them... So who pays the these teams of fact checkers??? What's...
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    Australia set to force its people to vaccinate

    In this country they have absolutely no regard for the sovereignty of an individual. They have no regard for the rights of its citizens. They have disregarded humanitarian laws from the Geneva convention and the Nuremburg code and have broken medical legislation. Of all the western nations it...
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    Would you take Christ's hand?

    If Jesus came to you and extended his hand would you take it? In case your wondering, He will be taking you to heaven and if you say no, then He will simply come for you in the future. Its not a limited offer My short answer is yes, i would take His hand...
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    Virtual insanity

    Virtual insanity Jamiroquai 1996 This is the song. Now. His a fantastic performer. The song is is really funky, right... Its easy to get into the grove and watching slide around everywhere... And thats good and fun But i want u guys to cast your visuals away from the man, and focus your audio...
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    700,000 people will get maimed from a covid vaccine thats only 50% effective

    According to Bill Gates 700,000 people will get maimed from the covid vaccine And yet they want to force this vax onto people who aren't at risk of dying from covid... But as if that wasn't absurd enough the AstraZenca vaccine only needs to show a 50% efficiency for it to get approved...
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    Was Joe Biden wired up during the debate???

    Watch this... Is that a wire or just a shadow??? Why would Biden refuse to get frisked for wires??? This guy is convinced that it is a wire But I don't know... What do u guys think? Is Joe Biden wearing a wire or is it just a shadow?
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    Their keeping us away from church

    Here, in Australia, they closed down the churches six months ago and there has been no word on when they will reopen No one can get baptized, take communion, make confessions, do their confirmation or get married. Only 10 people can attend funerals Meanwhile we have the whole community going to...
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    The despicable practice of vaccine blackmail...

    I knew nothing about vaccines... But then this plandemic started and since then i keep getting rocked and shaken by what i learn... Whats with this pro-vax vs anti-vax hatred. Parents can choose to get their kids vaxed but then they turn to the other parents in a very hostile fashion and demand...
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    It's just a phone app

    Is this where the world is heading? Is this what its really all about? This is just one of many facts that are very suspicious... Yet anyone who is skeptical is labelled a denier, a defector anti this and that... We have doctors being censored, threatened, doxed, sacked, extorted, bribed and...