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  1. Tintin

    Streams of Consciousness & Thoughts~~~

    They're games from the early 90s. Strategy games. You had to save lemmings from falling into fire or water, or off cliffs, or into volcanoes etc. - that sort of thing. You had a certain amount of resources and you had to use them to save your lemmings and get them to cross the finish line. Then...
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    Streams of Consciousness & Thoughts~~~

    Look what I ordered. The book was jolly expensive (probably a combination of it being a niche market, small print run, academic book) and it hasn't be released yet. But I've seen some sample pages and I'm excited!
  3. Tintin

    Favourite Books in the Bible

    Oooh! That's so cool, Abing. A 6-DVD study set on the high priest garments sounds pretty comprehensive. Good on you, sis. I'm probably going to start the Leviticus book a little after Christmas (maybe early January). We'll see how I go. :) Look what I found...
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    Favourite Books in the Bible

    Abing, I'm glad you have a new found appreciation for some of the more dry and difficult parts of the Bible. I'm still getting there, but I do like the last three books of the Pentateuch more than I used to. I bought a crazy-good commentary on Leviticus (below). It should clear things up a bit...
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    Favorite Soda?

    We don't have a few of those in Australia. My favourite used to be Coca Cola or lemonade. But I don't really have those all that often anymore. I'm trying to cut back on soft drinks full stop (not that I ever had them regularly). That said, I love a good ginger beer. Bundaberg is my favourite.
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    Alternative Usernames You Would Choose...

    Yes. She also inspired the looks and character of Miss Parker from the thriller/drama TV series "The Pretender".
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    Is it okay to expose the nwo?

    I hope you actually have a good head on your shoulders like your namesake and that all of this conspiracy theory stuff is just your way of messing with people. (it's a good children's book, by the way)
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    Streams of Consciousness & Thoughts~~~

    On the recommendation of a friend, I read this book. In "God and the Gay Christian", Matthew Vines synthesizes arguments from a variety of sources to put forward a biblical case in support of monogamous, loving, same-sex relationships. Having read the book, I can sympathize with Vines' struggles...
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    Streams of Consciousness & Thoughts~~~

    That it is, that it is. Here's a great Christian humour story. I know people find different things funny, but I laughed my butt off reading this book. It's really good! Convicting too.
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    Streams of Consciousness & Thoughts~~~

    Look what I found, Abing! It's Christian fiction with bite.
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    Awesome Sermon Refuting Atheism - Jeff Durbin, Apologia Radio

    Here's an excellent sermon from Jeff Durbin of Apologia Radio (think along the lines of a younger, more bearded Ravi Zacharias). Please watch the video or give it a listen. Yes, it's long (80mins). But you can put it on while you do something else. The video's very much worthwhile. I just...
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    Can a Gay person be a True Christian?

    I know it's a load of bollocks. But I like to be informed about the stupid arguments people make to justify their sins. I'll follow it up with this free ebook:
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    Can a Gay person be a True Christian?

    I've been asked by an online friend to read this book. So I will. But I'll probably disagree with every word in it.
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    Memes Game!

    Here you go:
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    The Gap vs. New Creationism Propaganda

    And the second page.
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    The Earth is flat? It's a circular flat disk surrounded by a wall of ice?

    I have no problem with Dr. Morris' quote and I'm familiar with his teachings and I agree with most of them. What I do have a problem with is you (or others, whoever created this meme) taking his quote regarding the absolute authority and infallibility of God's Word and then using it to promote a...
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    Singles' Car Questions Tips & Advice thread (married folks can post too..)

    Okay, I have a 2010 Toyota Camry Alitse like this, but it's Wildfire not White. What type of coolant do I use? I've been told to use red coolant, but nothing more specific. Thanks.