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  1. Dude653

    Organ donation

    I found out that my son's organ donations saved five people's lives He always had such a generous Heart I'm so proud of him
  2. Dude653

    Tragic loss

    Hey everyone. Last week I lost my son when he was killed in a motorcycle accident He would have been 27 in November I know I tend to butt heads with people on here on pretty much everything but I could really use all of your support right now.
  3. Dude653

    Sam Harris on BLM

    Don't shoot the messenger because he's thing I like about Sam Harris is he has some pretty balanced political opinions Two things he address is here are white people are actually statistically more likely to be killed by the police a Black or Hispanic police officer is actually more...
  4. Dude653

    Harley-Davidson dealer loses dealership over racist social media post

    This happened right here in my hometown
  5. Dude653

    Trump defends the cops who shoved that 75 year old man down to the pavement
  6. Dude653

    Riots in Minneapolis
  7. Dude653

    Georgia man murdered while jogging. Judge declines to press charges
  8. Dude653

    So it happened again,,,
  9. Dude653

    Cop sentenced to 10 years for murdering a man in his own home This is a mockery of Justice. I'm certain had the roles been reversed, that man would have spent the rest of his life in prison
  10. Dude653

    The hypothetical dictator

    So Just for kicks and Giggles imagine I'm a dictator who wants to disarm America. Going to every home in America to confiscate Firearms would be astronomically impractical. It was saying the more expedient approach would be to just cease any and all ammunition production After all the 2nd...
  11. Dude653

    Man assaults kid over Anthem updated story The guys claiming that he thought he was acting under orders from the president Attorney is going to argue mental illness Personally I think this guy deserves to rot in prison but something tells me...
  12. Dude653

    Man assaults child for wearing a hat during national anthem

    content://media/external/file/58344 This story made my blood boil for three different reasons First obviously is because assaulted a child over a freaking song Second is that the man was released with no bond. In what Universe does it make sense to release someone with no bond after assaulting...
  13. Dude653

    Is the charismatic movement a fraud?

    I wasn't quite sure which form to post it is so I chose miscellaneous. This is based on my own observations in the charismatic movement. How to be a preache in the charismatic movement. The first thing you want to remember to do is to yell a lot. This keeps the congregation's attention. Second...
  14. Dude653

    This new interface is terrible.

    Yeah....this is terrible
  15. Dude653

    Are you there?

    Hello God, it's me. Are you even there? Can you spare a moment to hear my prayer? Do you understand just what I'm feeling? Or am I only talking to the ceiling? Can you give me the answers I've so desperately sought? Or has all my service been for naught? You see I really don't intend any...
  16. Dude653

    My wife passed away of cancer

    I know i don"t see eye to eye with a lot people here on certain issues but your thoughts and prayers will really be appreciated. Everyone is in shock right now because just last year, the doctors said she was cancer free. Just a couple months ago, she got sick again. The cancer had progressed...
  17. Dude653

    Gas attack in Syria
  18. Dude653

    Wireless charging

    I finally had to buy a wireless charger because my charger port doesn't work anymore. It's a little slow but it's better than nothing. I wonder if a higher amp USB cord might speed it up a little. You can get up to a 3 amp.
  19. Dude653

    Jesus Christ Superstar

    Who all watched John Legend's Jesus Christ Superstar? typically I'm not a big fan of musicals but that was phenomenal performance from the entire cast.
  20. Dude653

    Trump the aspiring dictator