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    Charles Krauthammer has weeks to live

    When you see the letter he wrote, you get the strong impression that he hasn't met God. This is worthy of prayer. He only has weeks left.
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    Can't Shower and Do Laundry on the Same Day

    In California, it's no longer lawful to take a shower and do laundry on the same day!
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    Supreme Court Ruling

    Here's another interesting story, about the baker who refused to make a wedding cake for a gay couple.‘i-was-thrilled’-at-supreme-court-decision/vi-AAyf4gN?ocid=spartandhp
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    Crocodile Kills Pastor

    Gosh sakes...
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    Quick question about new site

    Has anyone heard of anyone not being able to sign in once the new site came on?
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    Is This a Good Idea...?

    A floating nuclear plant? How can this be a good idea? I know it's not "Christian" news, but my gosh, is this wise?
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    New site

    I'm going bonkers trying to navigate this new site. Old dog and all that! What does it mean it i "follow" someone? Am hoping it will mean I can somehow find their new posts easily...?
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    Grappling With Why God Allows Evil To Continue

    PeacefulBeliever and I wanted to have a conversation regarding this topic. We agreed, through pm's, to have it here. The first post was originally written by PeacefulBeliever and has been transferred here. The second post was my reply to her and has also been transferred here. We both agreed to...
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    Snoop Dogg

    I read an article where snoop dogg did an album where he raps about Jesus, with other rappers and stars like Patti Labelle. :):) How long has this been going on...? I don't follow the news real closely sometimes.
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    Do We Sleep?

    So when it is said that when we die, we sleep, what does that mean? I look at sleeping as not really being aware. But those under the altar in Revelation cry out to God, how long Lord? So...what exactly DOES the word sleep mean in the verses? Also, when it says, and they saw many of their dead...
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    The word is spirit because God is Spirit

    The remark that all would starve to death if all kept everyday holy is seeing things humanly. It is seeing humanly to see the law for the outside of a man. The law is spiritual and good. It is for the spirit of a man. In a similar way, the sacraments of the church are outward displays of...
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    Earthquakes in Diverse Places

    It is never a great idea for me to start a thread when I just have the inklings of something forming in my mind because it usually causes people to come in and be snotty with me as if I cannot wonder or work it out as I go along in conversation and hear the viewpoints of my brothers, or as if...
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    Going through trials

    I think going through trials causes a more complete abandonment to God. Abandonment to me is acceptance of every circumstance I find myself in, whether it is pleasing or not pleasing to me. This acceptance/abandonment is not based on the intentions of men but on the belief that God has either...
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    Testing thread to figure out how to copy a pic to here

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    masonic temple

    What exactly is a masonic temple? I couldn't really ascertain it by googling.
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    You Have a Little Strength

    Okay here's the thread. We can continue talking about if we might possibly be that church Jesus said to: you have little strength but you have not denied Me. (And any other nook or cranny we find ourselves talking about. :))
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    Where is true faith?

    Okay SOF, go get some sleep and here is the thread for when you come back, although I can't come again until tomorrow evening. :) Your question was: where is true faith if one doesn't know God will protect? Or heal? Or deliver? Sometimes, He doesn't heal a temporal malady. Some don't enjoy...
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    The scriptures 2009

    I have heard mention of a translation called The Scriptures 2009. And I have heard some verses and tended to like the wording. Started reading this translation free online but immediately didn't like something. Told myself I was being overly critical for some odd reason I couldnt figure out...
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    Galatians 4

    What are the useless spiritual principles of this world?
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    pHart could you talk with me?

    pHart, I read a post of yours somewhere and can't find it again now. You said something like...the struggle to believe God will make a way of provision for you without you having to do something illegal or...I don't know, you said something like that. I talk to brothers and sisters all the...