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    A prayer for my friend

    Hi. I feel so sorry for ask this. This prayer request may seem not so important, but for me and my friend it is. My friend feels really ugly and she thinks she will never find a guy who will like her. She is still pretty young, so it's likely to have such thoughts, but I would be so glad if...
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    Is the Bible really written by the word of God ?

    Someone told me that the Bible is just an indoctrination of the church Christian or not. And is not written by God. Now I'm really unsure of what I should believe.
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    Share anything

    If you want to tell or share something, do it :). (Negative/positive or in the middle. Unless it breaks the forum's rules, obviously.) You can be off and on topic :) .
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    Do you have a dream job ?

    Just curious. Not necessarily a current one. Even one you, once, had :) . I'll start saying I wanted to be a veterinary, but then I changed idea, since I'm too sensible with medical conditions and I suffer of trypanophobia. So, since I was ten, I want to be a cartoonist or a storyboarder/...
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    I would like to see yours opinions.

    I deleted all my songs from my cellphone, since I've heard every kind of music can be satanic. Even these that are not from popular singers. I would like to know how you can recognize if a song (with or without lyrics) is satanic or imply something linked to it. I don't want to delude God. If...
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    A tiny testimony

    So, I wanted to share something little about my experience as a Christian, that even if it's little, I feel it as something big. I always have been a Christian, but as a lot of people not still aware of what happens around us, I got tempted by the devil. With this, I mean I watched too much...
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    Hi everyone

    Hi. I'm Angela. I hope I'm not bothering anyone. I was a bit unsure to join, because I'm an anxious person, but since I discovered this forum months ago and I saw how much kind people are there, I felt I shouldn't have to worry too much. I would like to know you all :) (of course not everyone!)...