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    My husband and I also have a "do not resuscitate" we also would like to be cremated for whatever reason I'm tossing this over in my mind I really cannot see why this would not be ok can someone shed some light on this for me.
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    Problem with my computer

    I was reading some posts and my name was on the left side as writing and or posting a reply. I just wanted everyone to know I replied to only one post today. My computer has been acting up with odd (not making sense) writings maybe it's just my computer. Thanks/
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    New member - sherryt - not sure if this is correct ????

    Hi everyone I'm new with chatting and NOT computer literate, my husband always says if something unexplainable can be done I can do it. hopefully this will not scare you off. I see "post thread" hopefully this is what I'm to click on