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  1. icequeen


    Lord, how I Wish I was there When you Poured out Your Holy Spirit Your spirit Came down With tongues Tongues of fire. Amazing! Amazing how You equipped Your chosen ones To speak To prophecy To heal How people From different Nations All heard Their language Spoken Lord! Let the Holy...
  2. icequeen

    Doomed to be single?

    Why are there so many single Christians and why are a single Christian so difficult to find? So many say they are lovely. So many even say they are miserable. Why can't God call the lonely people together and make us more whole and in line with what was intended at the creation. Can being...
  3. icequeen

    The sweet, sweet taste

    Sometimes God lets you taste The sweet taste Of what could Have been Once again I got a sense Of being loved Seen Appreciated And then All is taken away Snatched from me And I find myself Once more At point zero. Only hope Is to cling To God's hand I whisper: Thank you, God For being in...
  4. icequeen

    Moving onward, backward, forward

    Sometimes moving Is hard. Follow me! He said. Follow where? Forward. In the truth In trust. Sometimes forward Is backward. Be still! He said. Just wait? Wait For God To make The move Sometimes moving on Is backward. Backward to Old habits Sin False security. God Teach me To move in...
  5. icequeen

    The perfect peace

    Where? Where do I find The peace you once Promised? The peace That surpasses Our understanding And is not Of this World. Where do I find This peace? The peace That heals My messy Thoughts My broken Heart My insecure Future I don't Need to search Anymore. The peace is Already given All I...
  6. icequeen

    To let go

    Memories Of a loving Smile Touch Presence I miss that! I miss you! You that came Like a whirlwind And turned my life Upside down. Silence Deafening silence Darkness Questions I know it It is over You chose A life Without Me Letting you Go Letting the Memories Go Freedom -Scary! Freedom...
  7. icequeen


    Breakfast time Going to the kitchen The chocolate In the cupboard Says Just a small bite A small bite Is healthy Just.... Work time All those documents And tasks Waiting to Be done Is there waiting On the computer Facebook Already opened In the browser Says 27 alerts You are liked You...
  8. icequeen

    In the Waiting Room

    The radio plays Cheerful music Chatting cheerfully Just interupted By the news. News of Car accidents Violent crimes Terrorism Brutal crimes Again the meaningless Chitchat And the too Upbeat music From the radio. An elderly woman Reads an old Weekly magazine. A young man looks Down into His...
  9. icequeen

    A delove letter

    You treated me Like no man ever have! I felt loved. I felt cherished. Now I feel like a fool. The illusion is gone. My eyes have been opened. Perhaps your intentions were nobel. Atleast that is what you told your friends. You were the one. Who loved the unloveable. The one others...
  10. icequeen

    Sound advice....

    A woman came to me yesterday. She was dishearted. She had lost her job, and she hadn't been working long enough to get unemployment money. Her husband, she said, was no good, and not nice at all. She needs to take an exam to get qualified as a skilled nurse assistant, but she knows she will...
  11. icequeen


    Salvation is free Sin is forgiven We are free! We are free to follow Christ! And His Mercy is new! Every morning! Every morning we get a fresh start. A fresh start an opportunity to not sin. To not do the same stupid mistakes you did Yesterday. And yet Sin can ruin the most beautiful...
  12. icequeen

    To be in His presence

    It is so easy to grieve. Grieve over all the persons or things that is not here! That should be here! The absence is too heave to carry! It is so easy to forget to rejoice. To rejoice over His mercy His grace. The abundance we have in Him. That bliss we have when we enter His presence...
  13. icequeen

    How to handle negative feedback

    I knew it deep down in my gut. I didn't want to do it! The task was unclear and the target group was diverse, to put it mildly. And I was supposed to pull off a 3 hours show. On a fluffy topic. And I failed. Badly. It was constructive, though. I know now better what they want. But still. It...
  14. icequeen

    Christian therapy for LGBT people

    Here we have had a debate of how some churches have councelling for gays that has difficulties balancing their faith and their sexual preferences. And of course. The churches doing so is labelled as homophobic and the politicians cry out for a legislation against it. They even say it should...
  15. icequeen

    Driver's seat

    The driver's seat Is empty. The relation The wedding The love we shared Is gone You are gone And I am left In the passenger seat In a car That is not Moving Lord! Help me! Help me to Start moving! You, God. Please take The driver's seat. It is time.
  16. icequeen


    I have prayed. I prayed. I pray. I am praying. I will pray. Silence. Deafening silence. I will continue to pray. Perhaps one day the Silence Will be broken. As broken as I am? Because I am broken. And I need you, God! That's why I keep on Praying.
  17. icequeen


    I just joined. I hope to find some friends here.