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    Our responses to claims of Holy Spirit Bapitisms.

    again a hateful ignorant comment by a person who has no understanding of the context of Baptism of the Holy Spirit which is a gift of empowerment not for salvation. Pentecostals don't believe in "Multiple baptisms". This is more conjecture from a hateful person. Jesus said in the gospel of...
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    The Lottery

    it is a false narrative. there is no guarantee the organ given will cause the person to live 20+. Many people's bodies reject them or die before they are implanted. God is the final judge on the "appointed time to die", "then the judgment." One can't be placed under a guilt trip to give up...
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    Are WOMEN Pastors Biblical??

    the gifts of thw Holy Spirit and the Gifts of Christ are both for men and women? If they are then where are they to use them? Why is it seen as preaching as asserting authority over a man when the words a woman is saying are not her own but from a man from God? If it is the title one is the...
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    Are WOMEN Pastors Biblical??

    are you suggesting that teaching is asserting authority? Because it is not. A Teacher is not one of authority, a "teacher " is a gift to the church to edify, comfort, and exhort. IF you are suggesting a husband can not learn for his wife because that is her placing her authority over her...
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    Can Someone Please Help Me Answer This?

    I am sure you will get many answers and responses. let me humbly suggest there are some ground rules before your questions can be answered. 1. do you have a Christian worldview or a secular one? the opinion of " What is the meaning of life" comes from one of spiritual or natural. The...
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    Did satan fall after Adam was formed and before Eve?

    we know why from the word of God Jesus said satan was A MURDERER FROM THE BEGINNING. He was not going to murder God it was man satan wanted to attack because God created us to and be for His good pleasure.
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    A testimony of demonic oppression

    I guess the important thing is I see in your thread you constantly say "another Christian". But I do not see where you have become one. demons are real we know that because the word of God tells us so, yet, Christians those who have place their faith in the Lord Jesus Christ's death...
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    Did satan fall after Adam was formed and before Eve?

    that is called allegorizing. The Bible is silent on that therefore we are to be silent. However, you may have overlooked one key point in the creation account in Genesis..... God made everything and it was GOOD. and it was completely Good. Until transgression was found from the free will to...
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    we have the righteousness of Christ which makes us right with God that means = in a right relationship with God.
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    two questions

    answer to Q? 1. We are made in His likeness a triune being body soul and spirit like God but we are not God. answer to Q? 2. Genesis is explaining "God is" and has always been with no beginning or end of God. The First Cause Uncaused. God is the Creator and is all-knowing. His intellect...
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    WHICH Bible "version" Is Authorized By God?

    I don't have a KJV am I ok with the NIVNKJVAMPNLTNASB1911?
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    A question about rapture (mostly meant for pre-trib theologians).

    that is true the word rapture is not in the Bible as there is not the word Trinity either. The Greek word it translates is harpazo, which means to snatch or take away. What is the context of 1thess 4:13-18? Who is Paul speaking to? Why did he say this? how did he apply it then? how do...
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    There is no New Testament command to pay tithes

    have a nice day :)
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    Old School Take them Back! the ones.

    I am not just holding on, I believe God is still able to save and set free. All revivals were birthed on our knees. 2Chron 7:14 still is true today. God said he would not destroy Sodom If there were 10 righteous not religious in that nation. Agree as the family goes so goes the church...
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    There is no New Testament command to pay tithes

    Again I did, you are not accepting it therefore, it is not my job to force you to agree with what I have already provided from the word of God which I did provide. In addition, I don't care if you are convinced, compelled, or surrender LOL.
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    There is no New Testament command to pay tithes

    Ok, I'm not losing any sleep over what you are saying LOL
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    There is no New Testament command to pay tithes

    you don't agree with the evidence. There is no command to give, yet Jesus said to give. I guess when Jesus says to do something we should not take it as a command? I am glad you are against what the Bible teaches about giving yet, it is normative. Tithing is not confusing it is as simple as...
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    Was the crucifixion that Jesus endured the worst possible suffering a human could experience?

    So you did not read Romans 10:9-10? and you did not read 1cor 15 correctly either
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    There is no New Testament command to pay tithes

    Please leave me alone. You are not able to help in the correcting of confusion you are creating for others.