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  1. Lynx


    Am I the only one who does this? Often when I talk to somebody I will deliberately emphasize emotional displays to make sure the person I'm talking to catches them. If the person asked me a question I will find myself consciously trying to look like I'm thinking about it, so he will know I'm...
  2. Lynx

    Changing Of The Guard

    Title Capitalized Because It Was Started From A Seoulsearch Thread And She Always Does This With Her Thread Titles. Have you ever noticed how much it hurts when somebody else takes your place? It doesn't matter if you hated doing that job. It doesn't matter if they do it better than you could...
  3. Lynx

    Covid Christmas Carols

    Covid Christmas Carols, how alliterative. Anyway... This thread is for coming up with 2020 versions of old christmas songs. Don't forget to say what original song tune your song goes with. You may think "it's so obvious this song is a parody of Jingle Bells" while somebody else is scratching...
  4. Lynx

    Covid Communication

    Just so y'all know, on any phone that is running Android 8 or later, you can set Skype to automatically answer video calls. This is important in 2020, because if a loved one cannot have visitors for covid reasons, you can ask a nurse to set a smartphone in the corner of the room so y'all can...
  5. Lynx

    Easy As Spaghetti

    What do you like to put in spaghetti? Yup, this thread is as simple as that. :cool: Spaghetti is easy to whomp up, perfect for indolent people, tired people and people with little time. (Guess which one I am... hint, I have the time and energy to make a totally useless thread like this.) So...
  6. Lynx

    PATIENCE! Right now! Please?

    Maybe some of you ladies in this forum can help me with a question. Why do some women not have a concept of "later" when asking somebody to do something? For some women it is always either "now" or "never." GIRL: "Honey could you take out the trash?" GUY: "Yeah, in a minute. Just gotta get to...
  7. Lynx

    Annual "Christmas is PAGAN!!!" thread

    It is a tradition in this forum to have at least one thread talking about how pagan Christmas is. So here is this year's thread. Topics to discuss: - Christmas trees are false idols - "Santa" is an anagram of "Satan" - Jesus wasn't even born on December 25th - It's all a lot of hype...
  8. Lynx

    Just like you

    "Somewhere there's somebody Who looks just like you do Acts just like you do Feels the same way Somewhere there's a person In a faraway place With a different name And a face that looks like you" Have you ever thought about what it would be like to have yourself for a roommate? What if a mad...
  9. Lynx

    Finish Him!

    What is your argument finishing move, your best line to end an argument? Do you come out with something to totally rip your conversational opponent to shreds in a Fatality? Do you have a good line that ends arguments on a positive note? Or do you just throw out something crazy that...
  10. Lynx

    Bye Felicia

    Read this whole post or you're going to miss the whole point. There are a lot of common sayings that have become attached to names. When somebody annoying leaves: "Bye Felicia." When somebody is nosy: "Mind your own business Carole." When somebody is yakking about health junk, again: "Nobody...
  11. Lynx


    Standoff: a stalemate or deadlock between two equally matched opponents in a dispute or conflict. Mexican standoff: Two people with pistols. Neither is willing to lower his gun. Canadian standoff: Two people with an open door between them. Each is waiting for the other to pass through. Bro...
  12. Lynx

    Plot Twist

    Succinct version: What are some things in your past that have come back to help - or hurt - you now in ways nobody could have predicted? Long version: Life is full of plot twists. What are some of yours? They say Steve Jobs was so successful because he was in the right place at the right...
  13. Lynx

    National ________________ Birthday!

    A few of us in chat were talking about what national observance day our birthday was on. Mine is on National Laundry Folding day. Hooray. Then the question came up, what would you like your birthday to be on? It was such a good question I decided to ask it here on the forum. What kind of day...
  14. Lynx

    You ANIMAL!

    That started me thinking. Most animal names in general are derogatory. Women say men are dogs. Men say women... uh... never mind. A snide person is being catty. A mentally slow person is dumb as an ox, though I don't hear it much anymore because we don't use oxen much. A person who has a hard...
  15. Lynx

    Getting to knooooow you

    This thread was requested in another thread, but nobody started it so I am starting it now. This thread is for all the details you want to share about your life (so far) or details you know about somebody else. Posts can be serious or comedic.
  16. Lynx

    Not on the menu... but should be.

    Some friends of mine were talking about some things they like at restaurants, things that aren't really on the menu, but it's something the regulars know about. Do you have anything you like to order down at the local diner that isn't exactly on the menu, but probably should be? Many years and...
  17. Lynx

    Worry Workarounds

    Everybody has things to worry about, but sometimes people have ways to work around them. What's yours? What problems do you not have to worry about because you have found a workaround? Some people have AAA so they won't have to worry about car breakdowns when they are traveling. Some maintain...
  18. Lynx

    Easter Workarounds

    With many churches closed or live-streaming services, Easter just ain't gonna be the same this year. How are y'all dealing with it? Here we are having a live-streamed service, and the family will be having Easter dinner. No, not the WHOLE family - just the small part that has been hanging...
  19. Lynx

    Rap Name

    Yo my homies, word up! What would your name be if you became a rap star? They all got weird names. What's yours? Alternatively, what would you guess some other forum members' rap star names would be? Me, I'd be one of the big poppas. In fact people already talk about me. My name would be...
  20. Lynx

    Gift Thread

    What did you give for Christmas? What did you get for Christmas? "Give" is listed first because I notice people are usually a lot more excited about what they gave people than what they got.