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    Pentecostal Holiness versus Church of Pentecost

    What is the doctrinal / theology difference between Pentecostal Holiness and The Church of Pentecost? Does anyone have first hand understanding?
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    What's the difference?

    What is the doctrinal / theology difference between Pentecostal Holiness and The Church of Pentecost? Does anyone have first hand understanding?
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    Does anyone understand

    Hebrews 12:22-24? Just how important it is?
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    This was just cool

    I live in North Florida and the rains can be quite strange. Rain from a blue sky isn't all that rare. A cloudburst 50 yards away with none on me. Just a lot of sort of unusual conditions that mix clear sky, heavy rain / no rain and blue sky. Couple of weeks ago we were having one of those blue...
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    You just can't make up stuff like this Happened 2 days ago. There's several confirmation links online.
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    Be careful how you donate

    Bare with me as I write this as I have been told to not use hot links to the organizations involved. B***** lives matter has a dot com site where people and businesses etc can donate to what appears to be a social justice campaign. When one clicks on the 'donate' window you are redirected to...
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    Chuck Missler / Steve Quayle

    Is the work / research of these men to be trusted?
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    A gift for my wife

    This year has been kinda tough getting appreciated gifts for my wife. Last year for Christmas I bought her a brand new lawn mower. I thought she would appreciate that I waited until the end of the season to save some money too. The new one even has an electric starter so she wouldn't hurt her...
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    for first responders

    Below is a facebook post from a law enforcement friend of mine. Pretty much says it all. We should also remember the paramedics / firefighters. I also have a friend in that field. They usually don't talk about what they refer to as "bad calls".
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    Deception is staring right at you in this photo. Those with knowledge and/or understanding may see it - many will not. This didn't seem to fit anywhere else.
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    opinions please

    Please discuss from a biblical point of view.
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    About leadership

    A few years ago I was a track photographer shooting motorcycle races at 3 of the 4 tracks in Florida. Only 1 of these track was designed with rider safety in mind - leaving room for the riders to run off the track especially in turns. The others were designed for autos and the bikes were simply...
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    about the rich man

    Scripture reference is Luke 16:19-31. I wanted to take a narrow look at this passage and comment on one aspect of it. We currently have finite minds. That is we cannot imagine anything that does not have a beginning or an end. Because of this I think much of the strength of this passage is...
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    restrictions to growth

    Last year my wife and I moved the plant shown from a small pot to the yard. We were quite surprised that it grew as fast as it did. The area circled in red was what we moved. All the dark growth to the right is what grew last year. The stalks marked with a blue dot are what has grown this year...
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    The need to always be 'right'

    What is the root of this need?
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    Love is love!?

    Let us pay attention to the rhetoric used by some to justify their actions. Same sex activity is described as "lust" in Romans 1:27 - not ​"love" as the activists claim.
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    a neighbor

    Please hold up in prayer an elderly lady neighbor of mine. She's just been diagnosed with lung cancer. Healing would be good but I'm more concerned for her salvation. I have tried to witness to her but was shut down in short order with "We can stay friends as long as you don't talk about religion."
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    Deceptive photos

    We really need to be careful what we believe concerning photos. Photoshop is a very powerful computer program used to edit photos and can be used to deceive. I have posted 2 photos that I have enhanced / altered with photoshop. The change in the first is obvious - squirrels don't ride...