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    How are you doing?
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    Prayer request anxiety

    I'm glad to hear that. <3
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    For those who have lived in Minnesota:

    Ah, so cool! I used to live in MN.
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    Christian Metal

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    Prayer request anxiety

    Hey Shannen, how are you doing?
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    Hey, I'm sorry you're going through such a rough time. Please believe me when I say that suicide will not fix anything. I've been there. I've had friends/family who have been there. I'm not going to say "trust God and your life will be amazing" because that isn't what real life is. But please...
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    Covid concerns/prayer requests

    Please pray for my uncle. We think that he has corona. He also has downs syndrome, so his immune system is much weaker than ours. Please pray for my family, too, as we spent the weekend with him and were exposed. Please pray for peace in my family. My parents are worked up and fighting and my...
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    Severly Depressed Friend

    Thank you so much. <3
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    feeling unwell

    Praying for health!
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    2 different girls with different issues

    :cry::cry: PRAYING!
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    Severly Depressed Friend

    Thank you so much for your comment, it was really encouraging. God's laid it on my heart to just keep loving her no matter what. To let her know that there are people who need her and love her and that the world would be a darker place without her. I've had several friends, a mom and a sister...
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    Prayer request anxiety

    Praying for your anxiety and for your sleep. <3 I've dealt with both over the past while. You're a trooper! It's not easy.
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    Pray for my Grandsons.

    Praying for them. <3
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    Thank you so much! That's so cool that you're working on a book as well! What is it about? I've been working on mine for about three months now. :)
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    Severly Depressed Friend

    This almost made me cry. Thank you soo much.
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    Severly Depressed Friend

    I have a dear friend who is struggling with severe depression, self harm, suicidal thoughts, etc. She is in the hospital for a suicide attempt. She's given up on God. I'm the only person she trusts enough to really talk to...I'm out of words and I just feel so sad for her. Please pray for her...
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    1 with heart issues and 2 with leukemia

    :cry::cry: Praying for these kids. <3
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    Thank you so much! Sugar gliders are adorable marsupials that are originally from Australia. They glide as well - like flying squirrels. :)
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    Hey everyone! I was thrilled to find this forum. It seems like an awesome place! :) I'm excited to meet other Christians. :) I am someone who loves Jesus very much. I owe him my life. I am so thankful that he never gives up on us! I am a writer and I love it! I am currently working on a novel...