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    This was an interesting video on tongues and ways you might be deceived or if the 'tongues' are authentic.
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    I am 45 years old and I never have had a girlfriend.

    This Andy Stanley series has some great practical dating advice that many people (including Christians) overlook. I learned and was reminded of a lot. One of the questions Andy asked was "Are you the person you want to marry?" It is not our place to say what Robin's character is or the state of...
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    I was there to be with my grandpa and grandma for Christmas. He's the one in the wheelchair with my uncle. I was so excited to be able to go to the aquarium because they're even better than zoos! To me.
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    Tempted Overcomer (a poem about addiction)

    That sounds similar to another thing I went through recently as well. God has helped me with the bitterness that seemed to keep growing, in spite of my efforts to stop it. Thankfully circumstances have improved and I am more at peace.
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    Being swallowed by the megaladon at the Oregon Coast Aquarium.
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    WMAP Radio (blip of my testimony)
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    If you weren't a Christian, what do you think you would be?

    If I wasn't a Christian I'd be lost. It's as simple as that.
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    Old maids, bachelorettes and spinsters

    I'm good at cleaning the bathroom. Is that an old maid task? My service dog entertains kids from a distance. She's an old maid too. I'm not overly good at sewing either, though I am a crochet artist.
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    Dating web-sites?

    Christian Cafe wasn't too big, but it was a truly Christian dating site. There were no options for separated people to date or homosexual matching. I enjoyed it while I had the free trial period to use it.
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    Gift Thread

    Give: I crocheted four beanies and two scarves for family members. Crocheted a ship for my uncle. Gift cards, car coasters and tea bag holders for siblings. Get: The best things I got were a Christmas broach and earrings and a shirt saying: I Am Silently Correcting Your Grammar (so me).
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    Please describe your daily lifestyle

    I ask because I was raised Adventist and identified with the sabbath thing. I'm non-denominational now though.
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    Random game.

    My sister
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    Please describe your daily lifestyle

    Are you a Seventh Day Adventist?
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    Tempted Overcomer (a poem about addiction)

    Tempted Overcomer What is in my mind? Is it sweet music or is it the tune of death? It keeps moving forward, forward, forward. I cannot stop it of my own volition. The will of the flesh is too strong. What can I do? There is no self-help for me, for I am weak. The cello suite of Bach...
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    Manna's Here!

    Hello everyone! Just got approved and I'm hoping to find some worthwhile Christian conversation on here. But beware I'm a dog lover and my dogs will probably often come up in conversation. Haha!