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  1. Beez

    P U B L I S H E R !!!

    I have used Microsoft Publisher since just after the Great Flood, and much of what I have written, drawn, and photographed was done and saved using Publisher. The warning came out a few years ago that Publisher would no longer be supported. I never found anything comparable, so I kept using it...
  2. Beez

    For those who have lived in Minnesota:
  3. Beez

    Need help trying to . . . I am not sure what I can do!!

    While prayer is the answer to family (and other) problems, I still deal with the people in this one. I have no idea how! I was widowed at 27. Ten years later, I married an old boyfriend from our teens after he had also been widowed. We each brought a teen girl and teen boy into that marriage. My...
  4. Beez

    Especially For Reformed

    So I was headed for Goodwill this afternoon, to try to find a chest-of-drawers to use to make a new house for all the feral cats who come here to eat. I accidentally made the wrong turn and pulled into the parking lot of an "adult" literature store. Horrified to be there, then horrified if...
  5. Beez

    I don't know how to report this

    [ QUOTE = Worrier] Hello brethren,am pastor John Kennedy and now a member of this bible discussion site.I request your guidance and care through this to help me adapt.I would love to know you by name and please help me know the bible better through your guidance if you don't mind.Blessings [/...
  6. Beez

    Read the Bible Through -- Can we? Finally?

    I just wrote here on CC: "Honesty time for me: I am completely undisciplined when it comes to reading the Bible, partially because I am very undisciplined in all other phases of life. But regarding the Bible, making that worse is the fact that I have (diagnosed) reading problems. Mix these...
  7. Beez

    Is there a specific reason (or more) for "friending" someone?

    Is it just saying that I like someone? That I like what they post? Is there more to it?
  8. Beez

    Okay. And Now For The REAL TRUTH about SABBATH!!

    Just kidding. . . .
  9. Beez

    Tying Tzitzit

    the Worship of tying Tzitzit Blue upon my hands and leaving it there until i must wash them seeing the knobby intricate Four imperfect as i am and so a work . . . . so much like me
  10. Beez


    Was catching up yesterday on 2017's year's end updates on tipping. I'm old enough to remember not even thinking of tipping -- didn't even know what tipping meant. A tip was a quarter or, if we were really extravagant, a dollar! And tips were not expected. Then, it came out that food servers...
  11. Beez

    I have an idea!!

    THIS IS WHAT WE ALL NEED TO DO * Ignore everyone on CC who does not agree with you in regard to those things important to you -- ___* or, at least, don't read the threads they post in. * Read only those posts by people you like best -- * Unfriend everyone who does not agree with you in...
  12. Beez

    Neighbor Problems. What would you do?

    I have difficult neighbors. Just wondering what you would do -- if you would do anything. What I know happened, in short form -- (1) They were very friendly when they moved in. But within a very short time, the woman (w) asked me to support her in a lawsuit against the previous owners. I...
  13. Beez

    Social Theft

    Michael, Archie, neighbor Irene, and Edith, discussing social theft, All in the Family, 1975 February 8 "The Stivics show Archie the error of his ways after he "borrows" nails and an electric drill from work." Michael: I guess I'm a victim of the system, too. Archie: Oh, oh-oh, listen to this...
  14. Beez

    Donating/Supporting Christian Chat

    If one decides to support Christian Chat, whether by a single contribution, by monthly, by some other way that contributes moneys directly through this site, is there away on the site to: (1) Make sure Christian Chat received the money? (2) Keep track of contributions?
  15. Beez

    Things that work/don't work, why, and answers

    Why won't my signature work?? (And will it on this post?) IT DID!!!!
  16. Beez


    Do you realize how difficult it is to think of you as "Grandpa" when you area mere year older than my daughter??
  17. Beez

    Apparent problem with my account

    Calling for help again! All I have on the other members' pages is a "like" button, in order to make a response to them. Should there be more response buttons? Where? Thank you!!
  18. Beez

    Email notifications continue . . . . HELP!

    I did what I thought was necessary to stop getting all those emails (one for each answer on the posts), but they keep on flooding my mailbox! How can this be stopped? Thank you!!
  19. Beez

    Looking for a song on Youtube -- or the CD

    There is another song with the same first few words -- a more common song that is apparently sang in congregations -- so all I have been able to find on YouTube is that one! The recording I am looking for is (I think) all men singing. The refrain of the song says this -- Amen praise and...
  20. Beez

    Antiphonal Psalms and Other Scriptures

    Okay, all you wonderful musical people: Do you know of a listing of the Scriptures that are to be read antiphonally? I have tried to make my own listing, but I am sure it is incomplete. Thank you!