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  1. Theophilos


    Yes, we are free to... but there is even greater freedom in choosing not to...
  2. Theophilos

    A Short-Story for the Thanksgiving season

    The picture of humility so beautifully captured in this lovely story. Out of respect for his host, the rabbi would eat pork.
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    It is easy to forgive our sisters and brothers when our mind is competitive and proud. We will gladly forgive the trespasses of others if it means we can point their faults out loud. Asking for forgiveness is a different matter. It requires strong but humble mind. Admitting fault is that much...
  4. Theophilos


    As long as I boast in my freedom of choice free I am not at all I’m a captive quartered by decisions I’m a servant running to and fro Who is the perfect Freedom? Who liberates us from the cold dungeon of choice? Only the One in Whom the need to choose no longer exists Only the One Whose voice...
  5. Theophilos

    The War Within

    Great poem. You did well making a strong visual separation between the two parts, so it is clear it’s not the same “he” in both parts.
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    Right to freedom, how noble an ideal. The point however seems to be confused. The right has become dearer than the freedom, private desires and common interests fused. In the name of freedom we glorify our right to redefine all that long has been defined. To the law of nature and to that of God...
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    Through You and by You I can only pray to You, O most holy Trinity. My own prayer is but a walk upon the endless field of my own self-talk.
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    Thank you. May God bless you and your families.
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    Not despite but because all my time is spent with Him I must have time to spend with you Not despite but because all my cares are placed in Him I must dearly care for you Not despite but because all I have is ascribed to Him I must have things to share with you Not despite but because...
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    We are not here to prove... We are not here to argue... We are not here to justify... To that which has been revealed we are here to witness and testify
  11. Theophilos


    I make deep bows and prostrations before You, Lord of heaven and earth and of all creation visible and invisible. I cross myself and light candles before Your icon, and I plead for Your forgiveness. I ask for Your grace and Your guiding hand. But all my prayers are in vain if I see them as a...
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    Allow us wisdom, O Most Holy Trinity not to fight our inflictions outside without first recognizing them inside. Such warfare is always futile in the end. Allow instead, the eyes of our understanding to perceive the incurable sickness of the inner man, and grant us the humility, O most gentle...
  13. Theophilos

    Publican (in all of us)

    If I pray to be seen I have fallen into outward pride If I do it to prove myself to me I have fallen into inward pride Pride is hard to overcome hard to see... But if I pray humbly and with repentance in my heart I might make myself receptive of the saving grace of God Therefore pray, O my...
  14. Theophilos


    Thank you brother. People of the pen can easily fall into deception, if they are not careful. God bless you.
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    Sweep over us, o Lord. Engulf us with Your holy light and bind us together within Your heavenly threads. Let us be Your captives! Let us hover in your energies, O Comforter, as we walk through this world full of deceptions and lies. Keep us away from sin and shield us, o Good One. Protect us...
  16. Theophilos


    There are three winds blowing all around me, like the three dominions over everything there is. One has cleared the path and swept aside the dust. My undeserving steps need only stay on course. The second is behind me. I feel its gentle touch as it propels me forward into the unknown. My...
  17. Theophilos


    He who finds his life will lose it, and he who loses his life for My sake will find it. (Matthew 10:39) Be humble, my dear sister, work hard, pray a lot, be kind to others, even when it seems they don’t deserve it...and the all merciful God will see to the rest.
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    A bundle of soft blond hair and eyes glued to the ground I saw you, our precious little girl through the yard gate behind the preschool where we drop you off every morning A little boy was holding your hand Did you like it? Or did you miss your parents? A hand in hand. A soul with a soul Two...
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    Once, long ago I closed my eyes and felt the warm summer breeze shifting hairs on my arms I listened to the sound of birds chirping in the woods nearby Soon came some people their loud cars roared They brought with them their booze and the mountains of food Loud conversations turned into...
  20. Theophilos

    Tempted Overcomer (a poem about addiction)

    Thank you for sharing this lovely poem. I struggle with similar problems. What helps me every time after having been hurt by someone is realizing that we must not have any expectations. Expectations tell us more about ourselves than those we expect something from. As long as we expect something...