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    Dad and Alcohol, Smoking, and Caffeine.

    Well, I presume you are at least in your 20s since your dad is 56. What are your concerns exactly? Are you concerned about is physical health solely? Are you concerned about his spiritual health? I strike up conversation often enough about addictions and whether a person considers it a vice or...
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    Literal Translating the Bible

    Seems like you are basing a lot on "elohim" and are leaping into what is potentially a "sin of presumption"... Words fail mate. To call angels "ETs" sounds wrong also. Or even interdimensional beings or really any terminology in films. Just doesn't ring correctly. I don't know to explain it...
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    The mysterious account of the naked man

    One book I read (historical fiction) had it as John...which would fit "if" this were John because of how he seems to have referred to himself but it's not alas. Interesting question though.
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    Assurance of salvation

    Did they mention their motivations? It could be they aren't aware of a lot of the more troubling elements of Catholicism. To me that's on the same level as converting to Judaism from Christianity. Not unheard of but it means something pretty deep. If they just want "panache" they could go...
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    I was actually picturing that when I stumbled on the thread because I actually watched a feature film called "Elmo in grouchland" or some such and though it's been since I was maybe 8? I think they went inside the garbage can and entered a new world possibly. Pretty hazy ;)
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    Yeah chipmunks are pretty uncommon here in north GA but I do see them a few times/year. Saw one last week actually. Definitely a rarity or they are super skittish idk. More common than field mice I supose which I've only seen once when cutting ...well...a field. Brings back an old children's...
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    They are pretty's just when they knock stuff over or make large messes it would irritate me. I definitely like them out on walks :p they're like a fuzzier mouse lol
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    Alrighty I do recall this just not the scottish-ness but once they did the 500 miles line I remembered lol. One of those songs I only recall a couple of lines (the dum de dumm segment mostly ;) )
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    Well I heard of a friend from college make a little squirrel bench nailed into a tree I think with different kinds of nuts each day to see which ones they like and then when found...just put that out and I think they avoid the bird seed. Ofc, nuts are probably more expensive than seeds I'd...
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    5?!? That's a lot lol. I thought about getting some for the woods area here and see if I can get some plants to grow by the one's they leave behind. Do you have one of those squirrel one's that launch them off? Scared me pretty bad the first time I went to fill that up for my grandmother.
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    Can you want to be saved and not be?

    Hmm, do you mean here being restrictive? I presume you meant elsewhere but there are certainly restrictions here in a different way than the big sites. I'd like to give you encouragement where you are but speaking to the "feelings" of not being saved, I've come to think that may be the flesh...
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    I don't get the 500 miles + 500 miles reference but that does = 1000 miles and there was definitely a song about that in the 90s. ...and I took it seriously at the time :p ♫ cuz u no eyed wok a thousand miles if I could just c yew...♫ Oh and since this is Sesame street. I saw this picture...
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    Kids understanding of Gods covenant rainbow vs. lgbt symbol

    The rainbow has been used for many more things than what it is currently known for in pop culture. Surely your children are familiar with skittles and while the "taste the rainbow" thing may be before their time (idk if they still run that commercial) you can still find videos of it to use as...
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    Smoky used Bible

    Ozium? I mean it works for neutralizing some pretty "smelly" scents but cigarette smoke is pretty weird. The smell of plain tobacco (cigar/pipe/self-rolls/AS) doesn't bother me but what most call "cigarette" tobacco lingers and pervades strangely. Could be the added chemicals? Either...
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    Christian witches

    Yep, it's in Revelation several times (which is in the New Testament). If you want the references let me know. Are you feeling drawn to that or something?
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    I have a question.

    Idolatry in a modern context is having something usurp the Lord in your life or have a sort of carved out altar within yourself that you do homage to this thing and are sort of a subject of this thing (like one would be to a god). That's what I'd say to a general group of people but it can...
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    I think the devil is just trying to ruin my Testimony.

    @anonymous777888 I'm sorry that you feel this way. Spiritual oppression can be pretty rough for sure. I don't think Subhumanoidal was meaning anything nefarious with his post but people don't always know what is spiritual and what is mental and what that distinction is will vary with most. Like...
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    Five Foolish Virgins VS Five Wise Virgins

    I've given a good bit of thought about the "oil sellers" and it has been quite the puzzle for me. I considered starting a thread about that but the fact that it has been brought up motivates me to think about it a bit more so I appreciate it. Idk, I have considered it referring to the Holy...
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    I think the devil is just trying to ruin my Testimony.

    Gotta be careful with dreams man. Our own spirits can produce a lot of "nonsense" that "seems" to mean something but that meaning changes as we walk daily. So like in the other thread, if you look "too" closely then things can get a bit "horoscopey". Like, I saw a black dog in my dream...that...
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    I have a question.

    Look up hex color's pretty interesting tbh. I thought it was strange why it was called hex codes at first but then I recalled hexagon... I also think it's odd that sex = six as a prefix that very few people use but the etymology is there lol. I could go on a pretty obvious tangent...