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    Is it possible that God sends an unbeliever to a believer to marry?
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    Super typhoon

    A super typhoon is approaching southern Japan. Could you pray for protection and our safety, please? Thank you for your attention! God bless you
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    When I pray

    It may sound silly but things seem to get worse when I pray for things to get better or strength. It's kind of scary. Should I still pray or should I stop praying? I know we are told to pray without ceasing but I'm scared...
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    [Poll]How do you pronounce "Amen"?

    I noticed that some people pronounce "Amen" like "Ah-men" and some others pronounce like "eimen". How do you pronounce it?
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    questian for those who want children

    Men and women, why do you want children? I'm just curious why so many people want children.
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    Please pray for a Christian friend of mine

    There is a possibility that a Christian friend of mine lose his job due to coronavirus. Please pray for him!
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    How to encourage my friend who is stressed out and tired of this quarantine?

    My friend is tired of quarantine and stressed out. What can I do for those who are tired and stressed out? How can I encourage? Any ideas?
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    Prayer against the virus

    I hope everybody on CC is doing safe and fine and get through this hard time. Let's pray for fellow Christians and the world! Stay safe!
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    What if we can't go to heaven?

    Only few people can go to heaven after death. Where will I go if I can't go to heaven?
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    You shouldn't judge or blame doubters

    I found an article on How to deal with doubt. So, I thought I'd share it with people here. Some Christians blame when another Christian have doubt. Why do you blame when some Christian have doubt? You can't help him/her overcome doubt by blaming...
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    What to talk about with non-Christians

    What do you talk about with non-Christians? I don't know what to talk with non-Christians. I'm not good at small talk and I like to talk about Bible things but non-Christians don't like to talk about the Bible. I'm curious to know how other Christians keep a conversation going with...
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    Any good Christian poems?

    Can anybody suggest any good Christian poems? Preferably Classic poems.
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    I'm lost in the world. Lord, how I wish You take my hand and take me, save me.
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    Prayer for my ex

    My ex-boyfriend is seeming to walk in darkness. His heart is full of sadness. Please pray that God heals his weary heart and also mine, too!
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    Prayed button

    It would be great if we had a "prayed🙏" button as a reaction button to show that I pray for the person in need of prayer!
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    Does unconditional love or true love exist?

    I wonder if unconditional love or true love really exist in this world. What do you think?
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    How to break the habit of procrastination

    Has anybody overcome weakness or a bad habit with help from God? I'm a procrastinator. You could say my bad habit of procrastination is serious. I feel lethergic. Procrastination is a sin, isn't it? There are some verses about laziness. I also pray our heavenly Father for help overcoming the...
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    Hello everyone, nice to meet you! I joined this site for friendship and fellowship. I've always believed in God's existence ever since I was a child and have never doubted it but I was far away from Him. I was drifted away from Him and now coming back. Thank Him for His blessings! I'm into...