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    Murderer of Jewish Woman Avoids Prison because he Smoked Weed

    A precedent has been set in France. Wanna kill your annoying neighbor? Just smoke some marijuana first and you'll get off scott-free! The flip side, this murderer better watch out because some pot-smoking vigilante might decide to enact some earthly justice.... Honestly appalled here at...
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    A pilot reported a UFO this last Sunday: I keep reading these kinds of "news" stories where a pilot sees some weird, flying object. And it makes me think several things. (1) It reminds me of the story my dad told...
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    Mr. Potato Head Gets a New Name

    No longer a Mister, Hasbro has decided to make the potato head toy gender-neutral. Now the name will just be "Potato Head". Another company falls to "wokeness". sigh. To me, however, they will always be Mr. and Mrs. Potato Head. I wonder if the children's movie, Toy Story, will be banned now...
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    Texas Pastors Call Kamala "Jezebel"

    Pastor Tom Buck and Pastor Steve Swofford have both called Kamala Harris "Jezebel"...and they are being lambasted for it. You know, I hadn't made the Kamala/Jezebel connection before but after reading the article, I can see it in the relationship with her and Biden/Ahab. The author of this...
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    Funny Things Kids Say

    Last night we were reading to the kids before bed. My husband asked everyone what we read the night before. Older son, 14, says, "Solomon died and his son took over." Husband asks, "And what was the son's name?" Our 3 year old's hand shoots up in the air and she says, "Took over!" I about died...
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    Interesting. If you search for it immediately takes you to I thought it was being said that antifa was "just an idea", yet here we are being directed to Biden's face. Hmmmm...
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    GOP Says Stimulus Money Should Only Go to People Who Take Vaccine

    Let's just ignore past promises and the fact that some people are losing homes and/or can't eat because they've lost their jobs. No, we MUST make Americans "pay" for the priveledge of receiving money. “One Republican Congressman says instead of sending stimulus checks to every qualifying...
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    Impeaching Trump: Attempt Two

    11 days until "a peaceful transfer of power" and Pelosi is squawking about impeaching Trump, since Pence is unlikely to invoke the 25th. I don't understand why the Democrats can't be patient just a liiiiittle longer and wait til Trump leaves on the 20th. I looked it up and (someone correct me...
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    Pelosi Aims to Remove Familial Terms

    Looks like the family unit is being chipped away even further. Pelosi wants to get rid of "gendered terms" like mother, father, son, and daughter. "Speaker Pelosi apparently believes that killing off gendered pronouns is the way to bring equality to the rules of Congress."...
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    Hey, there, North Dakota!

    My family and I currently live in Oregon. Love the beauty here but the political atmosphere isn't that great. Also, super expensive to buy a home with land. For fun, the husband and I started looking at North Dakota, South Dakota, Texas... We ended up finding a really cheap but non-crappy...
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    Evangelical Christian hosting concerts across U.S.

    Apparently worship concerts are dangerous and will spread Covid but so called "protesting" is not...🙄
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    Pakistani court rules 14-year-old Christian girl must stay married to her abductor

    Prayers needed for this family and for Maira, who was abducted and not only forced into marriage, but also forced to convert to Islam.
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    Christian kicked out of Rugby union for quoting scripture

    Okay, so I'm not "into" sports at all, but this little news tidbit jumped into my YouTube feed today: Israel Folau was said to be in breach of his Rugby contract, they say he violated their "code of conduct" by posting scripture online. Namely, by calling out homosexuality as sin. He has lost...
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    Christians Bombed in Sri Lanka Churches

    The persecution is real!
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    If'n ya don't work, ya don't eat!

    This morning when my daughter told me she was "too tired and lazy" to pour herself a bowl of cereal I thought of 2 Thessalonians 3:10: For even when we were with you, this we commanded you, that if any would not work, neither should he eat. I had to chuckle as I realized that the meaning of...