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  1. ServantStrike

    Sexual frusteration

    Less than three months until doomsday! I just ordered the wedding ring last friday. Hallmark moment... I went to order my bride's wedding ring on the day my best man went to pick up his fiance's engagement ring. A few weeks prior to that, my fiance's brother (and another one of the groomsmen)...
  2. ServantStrike

    Subtle ways to let someone know you are interested

    And let's not forget one of the most famous approaches of all. Just say hello Clarice. First you need to make sure that the woman you stalk is named Clarice. The entire approach hinges on that. That's a fantastic idea! I can't see that ever going wrong. That's just plain brilliant...
  3. ServantStrike

    Your glamour shot ;)

    I'm... not sure what happened.
  4. ServantStrike

    What is the Christian Take on "Dating Within (or Outside) Your League"?

    Man brother, you need to post more. You always post such wonderful things. Did someone mention fire?
  5. ServantStrike

    What is the lamest superpower that would help you look cool on a date?

    IMDB! Spoiler alert It makes perfect sense. You're asking for a pretty hefty super power though... I don't see any down sides to it either... other than what if she always wants something that's exactly the opposite of what you want.... then there’s trouble.
  6. ServantStrike


    As for black fish, I'm not really sure what to say other than Orcas are pretty aggressive, but they are nice to see.
  7. ServantStrike

    Never give up, never surrender, stay prayerful in all things.

    I figured I'd share these figures in their own thread because I spent entirely too much time compiling them. They are a rough sketch of what my online dating experience looked like before I found the woman I intend to marry (and she intends to marry me as well I may add). I suppose she could...
  8. ServantStrike

    Is a bonfire appriate at a wedding?

    Seriously. I MAY need to know probably sometime in well.. MAY be I'll tell you guys when. MAY be. Modesty trolls, read these next words and weep - this one is so hot, she only wears mascara. Now I can answer the "how much is approriate to spend on an engagement ring" question from a while...
  9. ServantStrike

    No rules

    No holding back loading brakes to the finish!
  10. ServantStrike

    How to scare a legalist in 10 easy steps

    There may be more than ten steps. Ladies and gentlemen, we need an exhaustive list of the things we need to do to keep legalists away. For the ladies: Wear Earrings Wear Lipstick Leave your head uncovered Read your bible Have a difference of opinion For the men: Read your bible Respect women...
  11. ServantStrike

    No rules

    I'd be cool with meatloaf period. Press on finger nails are nasty though. *shudder* If you can't operate a keyboard, you're trying too hard - or not hard enough. One of those two things, in the case of fake nails, it's too hard. As for the a Lee press. I'm not picky about a woman's choice of...
  12. ServantStrike

    Streams of Consciousness & Thoughts~~~

    I'm not just jealous... I'm jelly
  13. ServantStrike

    I could use some prayers - good things this time!

    So many threads about... bad things. The short of it - Strike has a lady friend, and it's going swimmingly. So, I'm kind of entangled here, and I could use some prayers for clarity. Most of all, I'd like to continue to cherish this woman for who she is. That's all. Thanks guys (and gals)...
  14. ServantStrike

    A confession

    if you faint, I could catch you in my arms... but first you'd have to loosen these restraints. Hmm... you already have a rosy complexion in your profile pic. When you blush, does the room burst into flames or something? I think we've found your true identity.
  15. ServantStrike

    What does it take to drag you down?

    For some people, the threshold is a lot higher than others. I'd be curious to know. Rush hour traffic? Out to chicken McNuggetts at McDonalds? Slamming your finger in a car car door? What does it take to really mess with you for a sustained period of time? For me, I think I found my breaking...
  16. ServantStrike

    Marriages With Significant Age Differences: What Happens To The Spouse Left Behind?

    Finger on the trigger... slamming the cylinder shut... That image makes me cringe. Mechanical objects deserve more respect than that! Cant tell if serious.... Well played.
  17. ServantStrike

    Marriages With Significant Age Differences: What Happens To The Spouse Left Behind?

    For those wondering, this is what GLR's knife block looks like.
  18. ServantStrike

    Kansas becomes first state to ban 'dismemberment' of fetus in 2nd trimester

    Yeah, it seems to be pretty popular in non religious circles. So, as a non Christian I would assume you consider yourself pretty progressive, yes? Isn't the whole point of contraceptives to avoid abortion in the first place? Given the number of women who have more than one abortion, some of...
  19. ServantStrike

    Are there any singles on here not dating?

    Sharp things? Where? Are they shiny? I have some tacks here too. Sadly, I don't have a lot of tact. Quack Quack!
  20. ServantStrike

    single mom looking for chat friends

    Kill two posts with one stone... err picture... err...