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    Mushrooms on Mars

    Oh, you mentioned the Daily Mail - best newspaper in the world!
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    Did Trump go to the Pentagon... Did Generals line up behind him??? wild story

    Sounds like something someone made up. There's not a general in the Pentagon that would stand up for his values like that.
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    Are churches dying?

    You hit the nail on the head. Churches, especially mine, are country clubs. Different members have different status. Cliques form that last for decades. I've been attending my church for 20 years and I haven't been so much as asked to lead a group in prayer. I've joined a prayer group in...
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    Spiritual Dreams

    Interesting dreams - I had a dream once where I was talking to an old black lady and I was literally crying in her lap, telling her how sorry I was I treated black people so badly during my life. I awoke in tears, but I felt forgiven. Since that day I have absolutely loved black people - I...
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    Help for Religious OCD video

    Amen. I have experienced this in my life. Turns people away from God when they feel like they can't be perfect enough to walk with Christ. Very serious subject.
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    Horror lovers?

    "I get enough horror exposure when I tune into politics. " AMEN TO THAT! I'm amazed how nasty people on even this Christian Chat can become - I could say their names but I won't - they're safely ignored anyway. But back to the point: I have two favorites: Nightmare Castle (1965) and a true...
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    Donald J Trump’s new website

    Kayla - you and I both are amazed that people will focus only on Trump's personal habits and personality without even a glance at how hard he worked - for everyone. There's only one reason for that - they watch CNN and MSN - and without even knowing it, have grown to believe everything they...
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    This poll is intended primarily for Republicans

    That report you saw is a complete lie. I'm from around Dayton and no one - no one - is giving up on Trump.
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    Black Lives Matter Comes for "White Jesus"

    I don't care what color Jesus is - when I get to heaven I'm going to hug him and not let go!
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    Church elders under fire for threatening to expel mom who left husband, started dating woman

    I had the pleasure of visiting a Mennonite Church in the Shenandoah Valley once. The singing was without instruments and was glorious! I've always considered the human voice to be the best instrument out there, anyway. But there is certainly nothing wrong with instruments. I play the guitar...
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    Disgusting LGBT whiner sues heroic Christian baker

    Man, that was rough - way unnecessarily. Steven Rachui - you are right.
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    Pope Francis recently condemned capital punishment. R. De Souza (writer) disagrees w/ him

    I agree with capital punishment. Ideally there should be a place where we could just say, ok, you want to live life as a murderer or sexual deviant - fine - and just dump them on an island à la "Escape from New York". Air drop food once in a while, and let them work it out for themselves. I...
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    What was Sunday/Saturday sermon about?

    Great thread - our pastor spoke on 1st Peter - something something. I like to think that all the sermons I've heard in my life guide me subliminally. Sometimes I could tell you exactly what was preached for weeks afterwards, sometimes, it's gone by Monday. But our brother here mentioned...
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    Poem I wrote concerning my disabled son.

    Oh, and yes, you're right - God will make a way!
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    just need to rant a bit...

    I refuse to watch the news anymore - and wow, was I a junkie! (news) All of a sudden my acid reflux is gone!
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    It is erroneous to claim that God is in charge

    God is in charge. It's the only thought that keeps my feet on the ground. Why does evil exist? Why does God allow bad things to happen to good people? What is the meaning of life? We will know someday.
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    Poem I wrote concerning my disabled son.

    God bless you. I was living in England during the 2016 paralympics; if you forgive the pun, I was 'para'lyzed with emotion when I saw the promotion they had on TV. Led me to an epiphany: The reason God allows people with disabilities to come to earth and live is because we are supposed to...
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    Thought-provoking stories (whether true or not)

    Great one! Reminds me of the one about the Congressman who got mad in the public bathroom. Someone had taped a note to the hot air hand dryer: "Press button for a message from your Congressman"
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    Does the Bible condone Corporal Punishment in Marriage or relationships?

    Beacha - that's sick. Run, do not walk. No way does the Bible advocate that.
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    The martyrs

    God bless you for remembering them. They are constantly in my mind. I was privileged to travel to what they call "the burn site" in Roen France. So holy. Truly an inspiration to us all. I hope to meet Joan and all of the martyrs in heaven.