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    German Potato Salad

    Just made this for our lunch and it's so good I had to share. I doubled everything because I like leftovers, less work for me. Found it on 4 medium red potatos 4 slices bacon (I used turkey bacon) 1T all purpose flour 2 T white sugar 1/3 water 1/4 c white wine vinegar 1/2 c...
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    Tesla Roadster Orbits Earth ....he he ha hahahhhhlolol.
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    Remove Password Requirement

    at login. Please, can anyone help me disable password requirement for Windows 10 at startup? I've tried, and the only thing I succeeded at was creating another profile, for which I've no idea the password attached to that account. (yes I know, pitiful )Thanks.
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    Patterns of Evidence This link is to the full trailer, Patterns of Evidence~the Exodus ~~If this has been posted here before, sorry, I didn't see it. This documentary shows stunning new evidence about the Exodus. It appears to me that possibly much of the population...
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    Grace is Unmerited Favor. Where's that in the Bible?

    This phrase "grace is unmerited favor" is used continuously here in the forums, I've yet to find it in my Bible. What gives? We know many false doctrines have infiltrated the Church, and that, repeat a lie often enough and some folks will start believing it! The adversary is very cunning, we...
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    Can You Still See The Stars From Your House?

    ..just wondering..because I can't. ..anyone know of a good heavy metal detox? What in the World Are They Spraying? (Full Length) - YouTube
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    Perhaps the Poorest Translated Verse, found in Romans 10

    In continuing a study of Romans, I find several erroneous translations, but possibly one of the worst is found in Romans 10. Not accusing any translators of fraud or deliberate deception, just that man is capable of error and that ideology/ preconceived notions, along with threat of life or...
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    Romans Chapter 9

    Paul is writing primarily to establish proper behavior for the gentiles coming into the faith of Israel. Many of these gentiles were coming into their Messianic faith directly from a pagan background, which had little regard, if not even contempt, for anything "Jewish." The basis of...
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    President Obama Signs "Minimum Wage Hike"

    Submitted by Tyler Durden on 02/12/2014 14:16 -0500 Obamacare President Obama President Obama Signs "Minimum Wage Hike" Executive Order - Live Feed | Zero Hedge inShare1 By the power of his pen... President Obama gives minimum-wage-earning Federal employees (and...
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    Do Not Harm the Oil and the Wine!

    Revelation 6 Amplified Bible (AMP) 5 When He broke open the third seal, I heard the third living creature call out, Come and look! And I saw, and behold, a black horse, and in his hand the rider had a pair of scales (a balance). 6 And I heard what seemed to be a voice from the midst of the...
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    He Comes Back as the King of Israel

    Why do Gentiles forget that Jesus was a Jew? Why do they forget that it is through the Jewish people we have the Bible we love so dearly? When you love somebody, don't you also love who they love? Our Messiah loves the Jewish people, and not only should we love them, we should feel a debt of...
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    Rise of Islam

    RISE OF ISLAM – Britain to become first non-Muslim country to launch sharia bond | END TIME HEADLINES
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    How Many Constitutes a Remnent?

    According to one source, Remnant is mentioned 540 times in the Bible. The Remnant The biblical writers mention at least seven different remnants: 1) Survivors of any catastrophe (e.g., Lot survived Sodom). 2) A group of non-Israelite survivors (e.g., "the remnant of Edom," Amos 9:12). 3)...
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    Who Were The Jusaizers? Are You One? Do You Know Anybody That Is?

    by Daniel Botkin Reprinted from Gates of Eden 2-3 The Jerusalem Council of Acts Christians who believe in keeping the 7th-day Sabbath are sometimes called "Judaizers" by their fellow Christians. While there were (and perhaps still are) real Judaizers, it should be noted that...
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    Who are the Angels?

    "The angel of the LORD encamps all around those who fear Him And delivers them." Psalm 34:7. The Bible tells us they are real! Beings, as real and as individual as you and I. Created by God, to serve and do His bidding. After the fall of man, God sent...
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    Who or What is a Nicolaitan?

    Reading in Revelations is somewhat hard to understand. For instance, who are these Nicolaitans that is mentioned in letters to the Churches? Rev 2 church of Ephesus Rev 26 But this thou hast, that thou hatest the deeds of the Nicolaitanes, which I also hate. church in Pergamos 15 So hast...
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    Israel Stands Apart

    .While this may not be new, it may be new to some. Of course I did find it on the internet so, if this is incorrect please inform. Countries eligible to sit on the *U.N. Security Council: Afghanistan, Albania, Algeria, Andorra, Angola, Antigua and Barbuda, Argentina, Armenia, Australia...
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    Expounding on the Feasts of the Lord

    If anyone is interested, let's talk about the Feasts of the Lord, both Spring and Fall. Whatever is relevant I'd love to know more about all aspects including the meaning of the original words. The way they were traditionally kept would add to understanding I think. I just feel there is so much...
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    What does it Mean to Worship?

    I've had this on my mind for days. .. What is Worship? I look at scripture that says worship in spirit and truth. To clarify, not encouraging a debate between doctrines, just the command to Worship. What does it really mean? What does it mean to you? I'm wanting to know God more. How do I...