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    If two people are driving one vehicle and: One is turning the wrong way sometimes; They do not know where to go; They make stops they do not need to make which messes up their ability to get to a point; Then they cannot arrive at the right point? God is not just going to magically bless...
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    (Potentially) Profound Thoughts

    There are only two types of people in this world: abusers and non-abusers. The abusers are trying to fool others like salesmen.
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    Five Foolish Virgins VS Five Wise Virgins

    Apparently the wise ones prepared to be married and the others did not. The world needs a standard pre-marriage class that all religious should attend at age 14 and up (as mature enough to digest). We are not accustomed to prepare for marriage save getting a job. That is not preparing for...
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    Indian food!

    Good Tikka Masala: Just use pre-cooked grilled chicken (Tyson; Walmart) with Maya Kaimal Tikka Masala sauce; Target
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    Can Someone Please Help Me Answer This?

    It seems the purpose of life is to live the best life you can. Know: There are groups ... trying to destroy the lives of good people. They are much in control, devastating and ...; the world seems to be controlled by them. In short do the best you can in lieu of that, that is all you can do...
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    How is loneliness while single different from loneliness in marriage?

    They are equal, in all aspects; I been married and lonely. And been single for a long time. The secret is we need to have an angel in our lives, whether we are married or not. We are not going to find a perfect person. So that person is not going to be able to fully love us. We need...
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    Pregnant & recently single-heartbroken need men’s perspective

    I think "you have your head on right." I think you should: 1. Write down all the things he does not comprehend (like not helping with the bills ...), 2. Make sure it is clear (not coarse) but teaching him the things he does not know, cannot see, the awakening reasons for him to do or not do...
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    I'm wanting to pick a man's brain on a subject

    Both mates need to pray to quickly learn and do the things needed to: live a real Christian life and teach kids how to live right. That is if you/the person totally believes in fully following God. Our lives are deficient because we have not learned and/or do not do these things.
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    Confucianism and Marriage

    The world is not fit for us to seek marriage. Our communities (democracy) were created by Confucianism which excluded God (which we should had taught how to marry = how to have family = seed of life = secret of Christ concerning the church). So people are wild seeds which misuse others. We...