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  1. AziziLoveChrist

    Give Away!

    Enter for a chance to win one of 100 First edition copes of Mecca In My Wake by Dr.Ahmed Joktan After converting to Christianity, the former jihadist and son of a prominent Meccan Mufti is marked for death by his Islamic kin and goes on the run across the world, dodging bullets and spreading the...
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    Mecca to Christ Book

    In this book, I have mentioned my story, Especially how Christian Chat helped me in my faith while being in Saudi Arabia, I've mentioned also how Roboop has helped me with bible study and countless prayers. to read the book click on this image : Please support this website, it helps...
  3. AziziLoveChrist

    Hate Islam , love muslims!

    hi everyone , Hate Islam , love muslims is our latest book at , in this book we are going to explain how a true believer in Jesus should make out the differences between Hate Islam and love muslims . as we are finishing the book , I'd love to hear your ideas about that...
  4. AziziLoveChrist

    saudi christian praying in the name of Jesus in hajj mecca 2017

    this video shows a saudi christian praying in the name of Jesus in front of the kaaba in mecca at hajj time (pilgrimage) millions of muslims from all around the came in that place to the house of allah , instead they found Jesus
  5. AziziLoveChrist

    Prayer for acceptance

    I need an urgent prayer for an acceptance into a univ. in order to live within a christian community out side of this tough prosecution all around me , as my deadline of my sponsorship approaches, and many emails form different universities in the globe began with sorry words sent back to me ...
  6. AziziLoveChrist

    men's DNA can get into your brain !you better listen to the words of Jesus !

    I wouldnt write much , its all proven Male microchimerism in women without so... - PubMed Mobile - NCBI
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    Testimony of Pastor Wally in Saudi Arabia شهادة القس واللي في السعودية

    Testimony of Pastor Wally in Saudi Arabia شهادة القس واللي في السعودية
  8. AziziLoveChrist

    Questions & Answers ~أسئلة و أجوبة

    do u wounder about anything in Christianity and u are a Muslim ? go ahead ask here you got questions about Islam and u are a christian ? go ahead we will do our best to answer that لديك سؤال عن المسيحية وانت مسلم ؟ اسأل هنا لديك سؤال عن الاسلام وانت مسيحي ؟ ايضا اسأل هنا
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    Jesus (bible) Vs Isa (quran)

    if we want to compare the 2 images we have , we shoulld ask our selfs 3 main questions
  10. AziziLoveChrist

    تعريف للكتاب المقدس لمن يريد ان يعرف ماهيته

    سلام المسيح معكم مرفق دراسه منهجية بالادلة على الكتاب المقدس ماهيته ماذا يحتوي؟ هل هو محرف؟ لماذا الكتاب المقدس؟ راح يجيب عن كل تساؤلاتكم عزيز
  11. AziziLoveChrist

    FREEEEEEEEEEEdom for the True Christian who shared His faith in saudi

    guys I urge u to sign this petition to free our brother who shared His faith
  12. AziziLoveChrist

    6 years in persion and 300 lashes are the price of sharing the gosple in saudi

    the price of sharing the gospel ,Saudi court sentenced a lebnanies christian to 6 years and 300 lashes for just sharing the gospel and saving one Saudi soul from the hell fire ! (use google chrom to translate that)الحكم على مهربي “فتاة الخبر” بالسجن 8 سنوات و 500 جلدة | صحيفة صدى...
  13. AziziLoveChrist

    can we JUDGE upon believers?!!

    hi everyone , can we judge upon the faith of believers? or can we condemn them of the sins that they do ? what does it a church in this verse ? is it the LOCAL believers? or every believer no matter where he is , even if u never saw him/her ! this is the verse :( (12 What business is it of mine...
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    I need ur thoughts about this RECOVERD 2000 yo bible !

    hey guys , I found this website and they clam that they have found the original bible in the dead sea ! now they also clam that the bible we have is diffrent than the original bible they've found in the dead sea of Jordn ! see this and let me know of ur thoughts about it ! coYHWHjerusalem...
  15. AziziLoveChrist

    muslims sharia patrol in London !

    I just saw this upload on youtube about Muslims sharia patrol enforcement in Eastern London ! so its coming to ur doors and this is just a small peaceful branch of what we have here in saudi !
  16. AziziLoveChrist

    we saw muslims reactions to the same stiuations what will be Christians reactions?

    Hey , we all saw in previous years what was 1 billion Muslim reactions toward paintings , drawings ,and film producers that were about Muhammad's true life events . BUT what will be the reactions of the 2 billion Christians world wide toward this? --------------edited-------------- will it be...
  17. AziziLoveChrist

    beheading christians by muslims

    if u think beheading in islam is a joke see this link اذا كنت تعتقد ان حد الردة هو مجرد مزح&#1577...
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    Saudi Grand Mufti: Destroy all Christian churches

    A mufti is a jurist who interprets Muslim religious law. Grand Mufti is the title given to the titular head of the Muslim community. The Grand Mufti of Saudi Arabia is Sheik Abdul Aziz al ash-Shaikh, 72, the equivalent of the Catholic Church’s pope. He’s been blind since 1960. The blind Grand...
  19. AziziLoveChrist

    New and Old

    hi Salam Yeshou I'm new and old who can figure this out ? GBU Azizi