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  1. ServantStrike

    Never give up, never surrender, stay prayerful in all things.

    I figured I'd share these figures in their own thread because I spent entirely too much time compiling them. They are a rough sketch of what my online dating experience looked like before I found the woman I intend to marry (and she intends to marry me as well I may add). I suppose she could...
  2. ServantStrike

    Is a bonfire appriate at a wedding?

    Seriously. I MAY need to know probably sometime in well.. MAY be I'll tell you guys when. MAY be. Modesty trolls, read these next words and weep - this one is so hot, she only wears mascara. Now I can answer the "how much is approriate to spend on an engagement ring" question from a while...
  3. ServantStrike

    How to scare a legalist in 10 easy steps

    There may be more than ten steps. Ladies and gentlemen, we need an exhaustive list of the things we need to do to keep legalists away. For the ladies: Wear Earrings Wear Lipstick Leave your head uncovered Read your bible Have a difference of opinion For the men: Read your bible Respect women...
  4. ServantStrike

    I could use some prayers - good things this time!

    So many threads about... bad things. The short of it - Strike has a lady friend, and it's going swimmingly. So, I'm kind of entangled here, and I could use some prayers for clarity. Most of all, I'd like to continue to cherish this woman for who she is. That's all. Thanks guys (and gals)...
  5. ServantStrike

    What does it take to drag you down?

    For some people, the threshold is a lot higher than others. I'd be curious to know. Rush hour traffic? Out to chicken McNuggetts at McDonalds? Slamming your finger in a car car door? What does it take to really mess with you for a sustained period of time? For me, I think I found my breaking...
  6. ServantStrike

    No good deed goes unpunished

    The constant "us vs them" gender warfare undertones on this forum would be laughable if they weren't so exhausting. Men continually post threads about how women have too much power, about how no woman loves them, and about how they want to stay single. Women continually post threads about how...
  7. ServantStrike

    Why does it seem like so many women in the church are looking for a fictional man?

    I've seen a trend - one that bugs the heck out of me. I've seen it online and offline. It seems a lot of women in the church are looking for some strange blend of fiction and reality. It's like they're looking for a Disney prince. Some man who's so secure he'll chase them to the ends of the...
  8. ServantStrike

    The current Ebola screening method for airline passengers

    I thought this might be useful to some here who have expressed concerns over there not being a restriction on flights from West Africa. This is a quick run down on the current efforts to curtail the spread of infection to foreign countries. First some background though - there are travel...
  9. ServantStrike

    New job

    Well, it isn't so much a new job as it is a job after a really long dry spell. I had health issues, which are (praise Jesus) finally gone, and I've been in a vacuum where it seems I can't seem to get my foot in the door for entry level positions any where. A few weeks ago something literally...
  10. ServantStrike

    I'm honestly at the end of my rope about now

    So I'm posting this here, where hopefully some of you who are so inspirational in my life may be able to help me and offer some insight. Sorry for the wall of text, but it's actually a condensed version. I don't like to let on how much I'm hurting, or when I struggle, but I just can't do this...
  11. ServantStrike

    I was just giving people what they wanted, it's not my fault - beware the golden calf

    I was recently reminded of the story of the golden calf. You know it has some elements that are quite humorous in their childish assertions When confronted with what he had done, this is what Aaron says happened in Exodus 32 22 And Aaron said, Let not the anger of my lord wax hot: thou...
  12. ServantStrike

    2014, a year of

    This is a public declaration of faith for me. I've talked to countless men who deal with sexual sin on a day to day basis and it just drags them down into the mud and mire, and steals their joy in Christ. They tell me it's painful to live a life of celibacy until marriage, that if they don't...
  13. ServantStrike

    I dare you not to smile or laugh!

    Another light hearted thread. Post things that are sure to brighten faces. This song is somehow really silly in Japanese.
  14. ServantStrike

    For all the hymn lovers out there

    Post your favorite hymns. Choir, orchestra, solo, quartet, however they are performed, post away!
  15. ServantStrike

    Dang, I lost

    So, I'm actively involved in a local club (what we do isn't really relevant to the discussion at hand, and politically incorrect so we'll leave it at that). We are a non profit, and I give a lot of time there, and I do so willingly and enjoy it. I've wanted to run for board for the last year...
  16. ServantStrike

    Sometimes, the spirit of the holidays shines through

    It's not about presents, it's about Christ. There may be debate as to the date, but this is the one that has been picked. This song is one that always makes me want to cry. I bawled my eyes out a little bit and just said "I love you Jesus" through the tears. So beautifully rendered. No words...
  17. ServantStrike

    Singleness is not a curse. Stop giving others power over you.

    I'm not singling anyone out here (sorry had to make that pun). But there are a plethora of threads about this, and it seems that some of the more broken among us have formed cliques where they love to hear each other talk about rejection and failure. This is not healthy, and it is not edifying...
  18. ServantStrike

    Dating is a battle field

    Dating is a battlefield. You get shot down, you get back up and try again. Here is a song I will use to illustrate this Here's the part where you're asking someone out: Here's the point where all the blood rushes to your head, you hear ringing in...
  19. ServantStrike

    YES!!!! Temporaily irresistible!

    I'm on very fast internet service - fiber actually. But, youtube has been this horrendous blob of garbage for the last month, and it has been getting worse and worse. I tried the tricks that people have used (mainly blocking a range of IP addresses that are readily posted) and there was no...
  20. ServantStrike

    To all of those who like to beat animals from the genus Equus

    Now back to your regularly scheduled programming.