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    Brooklyn Nine-Nine

    Ok - here goes - I love this show. Jake and his whole team are so great and fun to watch (noic! toit!) This show is so big in the UK (English Chick - have you seen this?) I got hooked on it when we were living there. I know, I know, Captain Holt is gay and Rosa comes out as bi in season 5...
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    Churches Developing their People

    Tell me if your church is anything like mine. The same people do the same tasks in the church day after week, after month, after year. Every week, for years, the same people are on the praise team, the same people are the ushers, the same people are the secretaries and bookkeepers, etc. etc...
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    What are we afraid of??

    Summary: Christ is in charge! Don't let fear be the hallmark of your life. The view from the back pew (where I am perennially perched) isn't always crystal clear. Most recently, I've been puzzled by a lot of my fellow Christians. We believe in Christ, we believe in heaven, and we believe...
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    Real Italian Pizza

    Ok - I may be setting myself up for a giant disappointment, but this is worth the risk. IN MY opinion, there is no better food I've ever had than the pizza I would eat in restaurants around northern Italy, (around Venice and Pordenone). One day, when all this mess is done and Christ tarries...
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    Any Kenny Hinson fans out there?

    would love to chat with you!
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    Nobody Likes Me

    Summary Up Front: Human love is based on reciprocity, however Christ loves all without reservation. Once I was in an argument with my wife - subject and duration which will go unrecorded (oh you betcha!). Unfortunately and as usual it didn't take me long to descend the stairs of rationality...
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    Nabeel Qureshi

    Have any of you heard of this guy? Absolutely fantastic speaker - look him up on YouTube if you want. Former Muslim, he wrote extensively about his journey to Christ and spoke at many many forums. Unfortunately, he passed away a few years ago. I was fortunate enough to hear him in London...
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    New to this, but not to life!

    Hey - hope all are doing well. Screen name is taken from an old 80s video game I used to love. But these days, I'm loving the Lord and the life that he is giving me. Retired from the Air Force (civilian) 6 months ago and am looking to commenting on many discussions on this forum. Hope...