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  1. DustyRhodes

    If God Is For Us ( Romans:8 )

    Who Can Be Against Us, The Spirit of God has set us free. If He brings us to it, He will bring us through it. As scripture says He will not let us be tempted beyond what we can bear. When we are tempted, He will also provide a way so we can endure it. Scripture also says that once He has us...
  2. DustyRhodes

    A Voice Calls In The Wilderness ( Isaiah:40 )

    Prepare The Way For The Lord, Long before John the baptist spoke those words to usher in our savior, Isaiah foretold His coming. Since people were not understanding God's words and His Love for us, God began to prepare the way for His Son. He was illustrating just Who He was in advance of the...
  3. DustyRhodes

    The Path To Heaven

    Scriptures are only the arrows that Show us the way to get to heaven They do not show us all the details That we'll find there upon arrival, So why do we keep on asking.
  4. DustyRhodes

    My Lord And My God ( John:20 )

    My Soul Pines For Him, After coming to our Lord and letting everything else go, life begins to change. God's graces become more clear than before, His love becomes evident in a more profound way. Each thing we do is more to continue to glorify Him. We think of earthly things less and...
  5. DustyRhodes

    Blessed Are The Pure Of Heart ( Matthew:5 )

    For They Shall See God, This process though is not just for a chosen few but rather it is for all. When Jesus stood on he mount,He was talking to all who were there. There is a difference though between hearing and doing. It is easy to read but another thing to do. Becoming pure of heart...
  6. DustyRhodes

    Jesus Is Love

    If we do what we are preached to do And we don't do it without love And without understanding, That means we have missed the The most wonderful teaching of Jesus, Any parrot can learn to repeat words But it takes the love of God to live them And to carry them forever in our hearts.
  7. DustyRhodes

    Where Two Or Three Are Gathered In My Name ( Mathew:18 )

    There I Will Also Be, Sunday is our typical day for glory and praise to God in our church. This is an important day not only for praising our Lord but also for building community. It is important to build a foundation for growth in every aspect of unity with our brothers and sisters in...
  8. DustyRhodes

    Rejoice In The Lord Always ( Phil:4 )

    I Say It Again: Rejoice! Let You Gentleness Be Evident To All, This is the trail Paul had set out to the new Christian. Beyond all things in a new Christian life, we need to love one another. The entire book of scripture from the first page to the last, God's major journey set out for us is...
  9. DustyRhodes


    Solitude is a profound human state No need to talk or to listen or do It's a wonderful place of "just be" Oh and by the way if God stops by Please let Him come in.
  10. DustyRhodes

    Lay Your Hands Upon Us Lord ( Mark:2 )

    Heal Our Waiting Hearts, We have come to you Lord for we know how much mercy you have. We trust that you heal the broken hearted, you heal the sick and the blind and all that come to You. Lord there is no other, on one else but you who can take us from the depths our sadness so we can fly...
  11. DustyRhodes

    Jesus Come To Me ( John:15 )

    My Brother And My Friend, There is no end to God's love for us. Without any hesitation He enfolds us in His arms just as He draws us near to Himself. All we have to do is accept His warmth and endless tenderness. It is His gift to us but as with any gift if we don't unwrap it, it is of no...
  12. DustyRhodes

    God's love Never Takes A Vacation

    I loved you today when I didn't know you I loved you the next day and knew you more I found that loving you was good for me So I loved you day by day thereafter and My heart said this love is a beautiful thing.
  13. DustyRhodes

    The Holy Spirit Fills Us With Righteousness ( Romans:8)

    He Sets Us Free, It is His liberation that allows us to come to Him and live in holiness. We have the freedom to accept Him fully into our hearts. But in order to grow in Him, we need to follow Jesus wherever He leads us. It is not just a word that says the Holy Spirit is in us, it is full...
  14. DustyRhodes

    Let Us Rejoice In The Lord ( Psalm:118 )

    Praise Him Always Til The End Of Time, He will never leave us or forsake us as He made that promise to us. He has carved us in the palm of His hand. How precious it is to awaken in the morning and know that God is with us. There is a certain sense of security there; that He will always guard...
  15. DustyRhodes

    Let Us Be Reconciled To God ( 2Cor.5 )

    God Became Flesh, So that He could overcome the sin of the flesh. God had no sin but became sin so that we may become believers in Him in righteousness. In dying with Him we have become ambassadors of the spirit. When we leave the flesh and become spirit our spirit can not sin. Our soul has...
  16. DustyRhodes

    Jesus Came To Reveal God To The World ( John:17 )

    To Show Who God Is. Until that time, no one could imagine the face of God. In other words, until then God was a Spirit in the sky. This is not to say the God that Jesus showed was the only face of God. He had made Himself human in all respects while still maintaining Godliness. He showed us...
  17. DustyRhodes

    New Patch On to Old Fabric ( Mark:2 )

    New Wine Into Old Wine Skin, That was the response by Jesus to His critics who were testing Him. So what does that mean? Is Jesus going into the wine business and garment business. Of course not. They were challenging Him on old traditions that He and the apostles weren't observing. So...
  18. DustyRhodes

    Awakening With God

    When we go to sleep with prayer We awaken with God in the morning Our loving Daddy is waiting for us To the precious first opening of our eyes And we grasp Him in all His glory Shrouding upon us all of His love in endless graces.
  19. DustyRhodes

    I Have Been Crucified With Christ And I No Longer Live ( Gal.2 )

    But Christ Lives In Me, So says Paul as he is explaining our new creation in Christ. The life we now live, we live by faith in the Son. So it is by Grace that we receive this acceptance. It is not something we can earn, but it is something that we need to absorb in our hearts. These are not...
  20. DustyRhodes

    Blessed Is He Who Come In The Name Of The Lord ( Psalm:118 )

    To Those Who Put Him First, In all who we are and what we do, our first hopes are in Him. We accept Him as our leader and our guide in holiness and purity. We can only come to that place with prayer and surrender. We don't come to that place by just following rules. Rules and regulations...