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  1. RedeemedSoul

    A prayer for healing.

    I want to lift up my friend Colton. He suffers from Chron's disease and it's been taking a real toll lately. Please pray that the Lord would touch him and heal him if it be His will and for his salvation. Also if I may ask for prayer for myself. My job shut down last week and I need to find...
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    My friend Colton

    I was talking with my friend Colton who is an unbeliever I've lifted up before . I found out that his adoptive parents are believers but they were abusive towards he and his brother. As a result he lost faith . He's been through a lot, and my heart breaks that his faith was tainted because of...
  3. RedeemedSoul

    California set to ban separate toy aisles for boys and girls a Californian I'm disgusted. We have so many problems in this state and this nonsense is what they're focused on.
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    Pray for healing

    Please pray for healing for Colton whose pancreas is producing too much fasting insulin, which could lead to diabetes. I also lift up my Grandma Elia who has been having dizzy spells the last few days she has prescription medication for it that she's been taking and it's helping somewhat but...
  5. RedeemedSoul

    Starting a new job

    Please pray for me as I start this new job. It's in retail and I don't have any experience in it. It's also a temporary job. Please pray that the Lord would help me do a good job . In Jesus Name. Amen
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    Please pray for Gabe

    Please pray that the Lord would help meet his financial needs and that He would draw him closer during this difficult time. In Jesus Name Amen
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    Please pray for my cousin

    Please pray for my cousin Robert ,that he might come to know the Lord ,that the Lord would help me to lead him to Jesus . In Jesus Name .Amen
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    Please pray for America

    With all the events of this last week , I want to lift up America and just ask the Lord to let His light shine in this darkness. That He would pour put His Spirit one more time so that there could be one last great awakening before the end comes. In Jesus Name . Amen
  10. RedeemedSoul

    Please pray for Colton

    Please pray for Colton that the Lord would reveal Himself to him. That his eyes would be open and that the Lord would send someone to share the Gospel with him .That grace would be given to him and blessings . In Jesus Name .Amen.
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    Please pray for Aiden

    Please pray for Aiden ,that the Lord would reveal Himself to him ,that He would work in his life and put people and circumstances in his path , that he might come to believe in Jesus and be saved . that the enemy would be bound and Aiden's eyes would be opened to the truth . Nevertheless the...
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    The pork laden Corona "relief" bill

    Senate and House pass COVID-19 relief bill, measure heads to Trump's desk The COVID-19 Stimulus Bill Would Make Illegal Streaming a Felony | Hollywood Reporter This is without a doubt the most corrupt piece of legislation I've ever seen pass in my life. A measly $600 in corona relief while...
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    Thom Tillis new bill could see Twitch streamers charged with a felony for playing music on stream

    Twitch streamers could face jail time over DMCA, thanks to a US Senator Thom Tillis has introduced a bill that could have streamers charged with a felony for playing copyright protected music on stream. It should be noted that Tillis' re-election campaign received donations from several media...
  14. RedeemedSoul

    My sister is being evicted

    I just talked to my sister Veronica and she told me the landlord of her house is planning to sell it so my sister and her family have to move out . Please pray that the Lord would help them find a new place to live as soon as possible. In Jesus Name .Amen
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    Please pray for Augie

    I want to lift up Augie and pray that he would come to into a saving relationship with the Lord . In Jesus Name .Amen.