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    parents stay together just for kids- what to do as the kid?

    Hey, I recently learned that my parents stay together for us kids. One of my parents has informed the other that us kids are the reason my parents are still together in that parent´s opinion. This leaves me overwhelmed, feeling a little guilty and heartbroken for the parent who did not say...
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    Sign of Jesus´ Love

    My poem is very short because the message is simple: No matter what we are going through, we will always know that Jesus loves us because he was willing to lay down his life for us. Whenever I go through a hard situation in life, I remind myself that I just need to take up my cross and cling...
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    My Dad left

    So my dad left yesterday night without saying goodbye to me and he told my mom he doesn´t know when he´s coming back. I´m hurt and I don´t know what to do and if I can´help my mom cope with the pain. Thankful for prayers and advice
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    Exam coming up...

    Could anybody please pray for me? I will write an biology exam tomorrow and I still need to learn by heart many things this afternoon. I have studied so much that I really don´t want to anymore, of course I will but it´s just very tiresome. So I would be grateful if you could pray for me being...
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    Love of God