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  1. Poet-of-Ephraim

    Home Sick

    @Bellaberry Here it is. Also added to my Insta. May someone else be as blessed by your words as I was! Shabbat Shalom.
  2. Poet-of-Ephraim

    Home Sick

    That's great! But no, how could I take the credit? I'm crediting you for this beautiful work. I believe Yahweh spoke through you to me in this poem and so I want to treasure it and share it with all that visit my page. Thank you so much again. I'll let you know when it's done. Much love, PoE
  3. Poet-of-Ephraim

    Home Sick

    In fact @Bellaberry with your permission, I would love to upload your poem to my site. I would of course credit it to "Bellaberry" or another name of your choice. However, if you would prefer I not do so, that's completely understandable, no offense taken. :)
  4. Poet-of-Ephraim

    Home Sick

    Thank you to all who took the time to react and reply. It's strangely encouraging to see other Home Sick brothers and sisters. @Bellaberry , a special thank you to you for your fantastic poem which lifted my spirit. May Yahweh bless you likewise today.
  5. Poet-of-Ephraim

    Home Sick

    The soles of my soul are calloused and blistered, This pilgrimage is rougher and longer than pictured. One stride feels like three, three years pass like one, My golden homestead calls beyond the burning sun. I march on despondent, crushed flowers in my wake. Let the thorns have their fill, it's...
  6. Poet-of-Ephraim

    Valley of Yahushaphat

    The hyenas cackle over their bowl of bile, The pigs feast gladly on what's wholly vile. The spiders web in bloodlust greed, The snakes crush the weak who plead. Corrupt! Corrupt are the sons of Adam! Who laugh as sons of the wicked are fattened. Both will prosper 'til the day they're...
  7. Poet-of-Ephraim

    Incompetent Servant

    How can I praise you Lord? All my words are unworthy, My tongue is rough as gravel, my inkpot deserts me. Generic, formulaic and pathetic on each element, My praise surely lost among the grandeur of the eloquent. Forgive me Lord, my heart seems foreign to my tongue, So my sacrifice is blemished...
  8. Poet-of-Ephraim

    Under The Influence

    You intoxicate me, I wander aimless like a drunkard, About to choke or burst from all the joy I've plundered. And if so, amen, for you're my hopeful destination, And I buckle to the fear of you exceeding expectation. A spring dances tirelessly deep within my centre, The salve of eternal life...
  9. Poet-of-Ephraim


    Ministers to my heart sing hidden by the trees, Flawless compositions perfectly interweaved. A caress from creation, a sonata for the soul, A delicate dance between chaos and control. Ministers to my heart, joy and peace surround you, How sullen would I be amid greenery without you. You...
  10. Poet-of-Ephraim

    Natural Dancer

    You can tell a natural dancer from a trained performer, Even if the latter knows much more than the former. Their rhythm's innate and so each movement is truth, And with wisdom they flow to however the music moves. But the trained are limited to motions they've bought, And expression is...
  11. Poet-of-Ephraim

    All Jerusalem

    No stone left uncovered by a sandal or hoof, Trees groan under weight spilling over each roof. Young lifted on shoulders, even the timid get loud, Both humbled and proud the same height in a crowd. All watch the parade of a glorious eastern retinue, Who say "Tell us where the newborn King...
  12. Poet-of-Ephraim

    Alas My Rachel...

    The sun at my right hand as we near the House of Bread, When my love shrieks in a way that freezes us with dread. We stop afar off and lay her down with crowds of questions, Her eyes amiss in pain as we make our blind suggestions. Why does her heart beat so loud? I swear I hear a drum! I'm...
  13. Poet-of-Ephraim


    What a shrewd man I married! So crafty and smart. By giving nearly all, we're still secure and look the part! Perhaps he tarries long because he's being applauded? I should join his side, gently, then I'll also be rewarded! I don't hear joy or laughter, just whispers and digging, What a...
  14. Poet-of-Ephraim

    Goshen 14

    Pharaoh now stands when Moses is announced, Abraham’s El has remembered us and pounced! Seeing a blood river would’ve been enough for me, Still he resisted though in stiff-necked blasphemy. Over Goshen’s such peace and inside, cheering! Vigils alive with songs and old stories in hearing. Eager...
  15. Poet-of-Ephraim

    The Majesty of Perception

    A lone melody escapes from the depths of darkness, The earth lies slain, the wind’s pulse heartless. Grand regiments of light march on unceasingly, But bow to the Majesty of Perception increasingly. A chorus builds hurriedly in harmonic dissonance, Green trembles shyly to pale blue's impudence...
  16. Poet-of-Ephraim


    My friends keep my "Wanted" sign, sentiment changed, Secured in a gold frame, well-inked and still stained. As I roll back into town, I hear their friendly salutations, Like free air between iron bars of friendly allegations. I'll drink what I'm given, in the seat they saved for me, They skim...
  17. Poet-of-Ephraim


    Once you've uttered that prayer, you're saved whatever! You can now act entitled to your slice of forever! You can now be free whenever the Bible contradicts you, You can even blame the devil if the Spirit convicts you! God isn't really bothered about you changing your ways, He just wants to...
  18. Poet-of-Ephraim

    How Much More...

    If your right eye causes you to stumble, gouge it out. How much more a view that casts the Word into doubt? How much more a desire to conform with the proud? How much more a focus that’s built upon a crowd? If your right hand causes you to stumble, cut it off, How much more a hobby that...
  19. Poet-of-Ephraim

    Stolen Tears (A Prayer Walk)

    Trudging through the swap of a miry heart My eyes lift up to pray but fall as I start Watching obstacles with a concentrated stare But my feet get lighter as I stride out my prayer… Now the order of rain has lost its counsel And sorrow's uprising has missed my downfall My call for help was...
  20. Poet-of-Ephraim

    Khata & The Wayfarer of Night

    Khata crouches at my door by the Wayfarer of Night, Who came singing songs of flattery, flirtation and fright. And whilst he speaks in my voice, as part of his illusion, Khata darkens the exit, until I reach their conclusion. So I feed the singing traveller and get to star in his tale, “The...