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    Makes sense to me. I'm never in a hurry.
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    Hackers Shutdown Colonial's Eastern US Pipeline.

    Should companies pay ransoms to restart computer networks? This same group (DarkSide) has hacked the Washington DC Police Department and is demanding $4M.
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    Hackers Shutdown Colonial's Eastern US Pipeline.

    Pipeline is up and running after Colonial paid ransom for code to restart it. "A terse news release posted to DarkSide's website did not directly mention Colonial Pipeline...
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    School Bathroom Grafitti

    My high school put poster sheets on the sides of each stall. About once a week they changed the poster sheets. I don't know what the staff did with them. I suspect they threw them in the trash. They would make great reading at school reunions.
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    Regardless of the speed limit, I like to drive about 45 (sometimes 35) MPH. I don't why people like to blow their horns at me, make ugly jesters at me, or pass me on a hill or a curve. We always get to the red light together before it changes to green. Drivers just don't have any patience!
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    To all of you non flat earthers.

    Saw it with my own two eyes. It's spherical. It's a fact!
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    This poll is intended primarily for Republicans

    Which is worse TDS or TWS? We have entirely too much of both here. It's time to put Trump behind us and concentrating on putting true conservatives in the house and senate.
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    Taming the Virus

    US covid19 deaths fell to the lowest level in ten months...
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    Coronavirus does not exist!

    I would like to address the absence of the flu this season. 1. The flu shot is very effective, reducing the severity of the flu. 2. The majority of the nation has been in some type of lock down, limiting the interactions that spread the flue. 3. The majority of the nation has worn masks...
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    To all of you non flat earthers.

    The earth is spherical. That is a fact. Not a single argument stated in this or any other thread has disproved that fact. If you really choose to believe the earth is not spherical, I question your sanity.
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    Hackers Shutdown Colonial's Eastern US Pipeline.

    "The attack appeared to use a ransomware group called DarkSide, according to Allan Liska, senior threat analyst at cybersecurity firm Recorded Future. The cybersecurity firm FireEye Inc. said its Mandiant incident response division was assisting with the investigation. " Sellers are scrambling...
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    Hackers Shutdown Colonial's Eastern US Pipeline.

    The Colonial eastern petroleum pipeline that supplies 45% of eastern US refined petroleum has been shut down as result of a computer system hack.
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    National Day OF Prayer is tomorrow! What are you praying for? Got a prayer partner?

    2Ch 7:14 if my people who are called by my name humble themselves, and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven and will forgive their sin and heal their land. I pray that every Christian will humble himself, and pray and seek the face of God and...
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    Pfizer's Covid19 Vaccine Update

    Pfizer expects EUA for 12 to 15 early next week. Trials indicate that is 100% effective. On the basis of ongoing trials, they plan to apply for EUA for 2 to 12 by September...
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    All Covid restrictions in Florida are GONE

    I forgot to add. Florida welcomes all newcomers as long as they their blue state values behind. We didn't get to this point with blue state values.
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    All Covid restrictions in Florida are GONE

    I live in Florida. We have been returning to normal since the pandemic began. As of Sunday AM, almost nine million have received at least one vaccination and over six million have completed their vaccination series. A large portion of those vaccinated are over 55, and the number of cases in...
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    One of Most important Facts in Floyd Case being IGNORED

    I'm glad that I live in a red city of a red county of a red state. Policemen like Chauvin would have been fired long before this
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    What to do

    Do you do what you do for yourself, others, or God? Take a two week break from everything that you are doing. Spend that time in prayer. Ask God to guide you into His service. Ask Him to show you the things that He wants you to do. Take pleasing self and others out of your work and...
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    The Invention of Homosexuality

    I don't know where it began, but the first documented couple was in Egypt around 2400 BC.
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    Involuntary Jerking/Movements

    There are several medical conditions that result it these movements. I recommend that you see a neurologist. I take 2 tiny pills at bedtime each day, and my involuntary shaking is under control. I have a friend with Parkinson's. His involuntary jerks require a different treatment, and...