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    assembly of called out believrs

    just found this site when I was searching for a Hebrew word definition. I think that they are certain individuals here that believe what these folks push. check it out, and then read what some post about keeping the Law. that is all I am going to say.
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    chinese space station

    just to let folks in the eastern hemisphere know- there is a Chinese space station that is going to crash to earth at some point april 1 or 2 somewhere over the pacific ocean, they think. be aware of the sky.
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    every day, myself, others get attacked because we say that we rely on God's grace and faith in Jesus for salvation. we freely admit that we are not sinless and perfect. my goal everyday is to not sin, but there are days I fall short of that goal. this is real. then the fakers show up and...
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    hi again

    it's good to be back.hello to everyone.