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    Does God care about who wins the US election?

    This question is very strange to me... My recommendation is to ask God yourself, via prayer and the Holy Spirit.
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    How do you talk to your LGBT friends about Jesus?

    OP: Talking to your friend about your faith without being told by God to do so will likely not help anything and result in heartache. If God tells you to speak to your friend about Jesus or a related topic, fear not, for those words will be given to you in that time. Even if your friend's ears...
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    My Testimony,history and Update

    It was good to read your testimony. Love you, my sister in Christ! :) For some reason I feel the Holy Spirit pressing me to tell you that the Holy Spirit can teach you all things (I'm not sure what the correct English pronoun (they, he, she, it?) for the Holy Spirit would be so I just wrote the...
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    I don't know what fictional Emperor Palpatine has to do with any of this. :LOL: :unsure: Palpatine was probably asexual. Maybe that's it. :LOL:
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    Agree with your post. I just had a passing comment. I do think that animals are capable of showing a semblance of love, and even a semblance of marriage as God designed it in some species, though not to say that they do feel or exemplify either to the extent that humans should and do. One...
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    Deleting Facebook?

    I do not participate in social media. The closest I get are forums like CC where I remain anonymous. I just have never been interested in social media. Facebook is the one that disturbs me the most lol. I fought hard and got a LOT of flack about not having my daughter's pictures put on Facebook...
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    Apparently this part of God's creation is evil because some use it for evil. So because there is some evil, then all must be evil, and it must all stop. How dare we procreate in a Godly marriage? We should be sitting around waiting for the stork to bring the children, or for God to create them...
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    Please pray for God to give me direction

    I prefer bible studies over church, so I don't currently go to a church. I also don't feel called to join a church worship team, or even a Christian band. God usually has me minister to people in small groups and individual settings. In other news, thank you so much everyone for your prayers! I...
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    Wow. In other words, you're saying: "Sex should only be used to procreate, but procreation is terrible and evil. It's much better for God to make people from rocks." It's so ludicrous that all I can do is laugh! A very poor troll indeed.
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    Amen. My husband would have been aborted if his mom had followed the pressures of the Planned Parenthood clinic and modern society, since she became pregnant with him as a teen. She was adamant that he should live and ran away out of state to protect her baby. Thank God she did. He is alive and...
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    Regenerative agriculture

    "“Regenerative Agriculture” describes farming and grazing practices that, among other benefits, reverse climate change by rebuilding soil organic matter and restoring degraded soil biodiversity – resulting in both carbon drawdown and improving the water cycle. "...
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    Scripture Art and Various Creative Conceptions Born of Love

    Hi Magenta, I hope you don't mind me leaving a reply on your thread. These are all so beautiful! You've definitely grown too in your skill, when comparing your first page with your last. But again, they are ALL beautiful! :love: Definitely works of art that bless God and His children. :)
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    It's the practice of having many different sexual partners, and especially engaging in homosexuality, that produces STDs. The holy matrimony of one man and one woman that God designed, which began with Adam and Eve, does not produce sickness and disease. If everyone shared the OP's views on...
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    A Word Given To Me By The Lord.

    Interesting. In what ways did it make them sick? I have no doubt that it can't be good for people. Typically the more man messes with God's creation in a lab, the more destruction and illness it seems to lead to.
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    Please pray for God to give me direction

    Thank you for your kind words. :) I've thought about going and singing somewhere, but I often feel overcome with not being good enough. I feel fairly confident in my vocal abilities, but I don't feel like I'm talented enough with the guitar and piano.
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    Please pray for God to give me direction

    Well, my husband is very encouraging. Parents are not very active in God and are on the other side of the continent so... lol. In family life, I feel very fulfilled. I have a wonderful Godly man as a husband and a beautiful baby girl. But I'm still seeking God about a further purpose. Like I...
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    Hell being taught as subject in American schools?

    With schools and colleges in the states in general, one has to be careful, since many strange things have become common curriculum, including gay and lesbianism, and transsexualism. But if the girl is attending a religious type of school, I wouldn't be surprised at hell being a subject.
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    A Word Given To Me By The Lord.

    Maybe she means this? I have to admit that I chuckled at first, but scripture does say: 1 Timothy 4:1-5 " Now the Spirit speaketh expressly, that in the latter times some shall depart from the...
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    Please pray for God to give me direction

    Hi there. I've been feeling a bit depressed for a while (it comes and goes). I feel like God is calling me to use my gifts, one of them being music, but I keep running into roadblocks. I feel stuck. I feel God calling me to do something, I'm just not entirely sure what. I'm not sure what steps...
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    Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and the Civil Rights of the Unborn:

    Abortion is such a terrible thing. I think that some people don't consider it so bad, not such a big deal, because the unborn aren't immediately visible by their own eyes. Just something inside the mother's belly, or a moving thing on an ultrasound screen. It reminds me of the struggle of faith...