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    Absolute Must Watch! Election Fraud In Michigan Proven

    Absolute Must Watch! Election Fraud In Michigan Proven Nov 23, 2020 Everyone involved in this theft of this election, all federal felonies, should be arrested and held accountable. Michigan employed illiterate people to count the ballots.
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    Registration issues? New registrants not receiving confirmation emails though the system says it was sent & resent?

    I am a member of another site and there people are PMing one another to see if others are members here and asking that question. Since I am I thought I'd post here since those who aren't getting their email confirmations even after resend requests cannot. Also, are there email servers the...
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    In the legal vote count President Trump won by a landslide. Lou Dobbs + Sidney Powell - Release The Kraken - Full Interview HD

    If you're a patriot and a Republican or a Democrat who holds to lawful elections sustain the integrity of a nation please pass this on. It ain't over till it's over? Dominion, is the giveaway for a voting machine system that was designed to steal elections. The criminal enterprise active in...
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    How many U.S companies has China acquired over the years? Unbelievable. Makes you think the next time you shop.

    2016 The Biggest American Companies Now Owned by the Chinese Stephen Gandel March 18, 2016 On Friday, Starwood Hotels agreed to be acquired by Anbang, a Chinese insurance company that is rapidly buying up U.S. hotels, for over $13 billion. Marriott, which had previously made a deal to buy...
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    9/5/2020 Transgender Woman Who Demanded Access To Girl’s Bathrooms Charged With Molesting Girls and Producing Child Pornography

    I remember when this issue was discussed at a different site years ago. The homosexual and trans members claimed those who said playing the trans card was the perfect literal disguise to be adopted by sexual predators were transphobic. <<<<The alleged offender dude. The article. Biden/Harris...
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    Hunter’s ex-partner Tony Bobulinski: Joe Biden’s a liar and here’s the proof

    Short video @ link NASHVILLE, Tenn. — Hunter Biden’s ex-business associate Tony Bobulinski accused Democratic nominee Joe Biden of lying about his involvement in his family’s overseas dealings in a stunning appearance just 90 minutes before Thursday evening’s presidential debate. “I have heard...
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    Discount Store Chain in England Pulls Controversial Ouija Boards

    Truly surprising that this outcry would impact retailers there to this degree. From the article: well-known Free Presbyterian minister Rev David McIlveen opined that the 'game' is "an introduction to a world that is very satanic and takes control of a person's mind." Coast to Coast October...
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    LIVE: Amy Coney Barrett's Supreme Court confirmation hearings | Day 2

    Democrats can't find any skeletons in her closet to bring to the fore so what do they attack? That which is illegal, against the Constitution! Her religion! God be with you Mrs. Barrett. Demons are real. :( and very often they're blue too.
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    October 13, 2020 Prosecutors Push For Tougher Sentences For Former Officers Charged In George Floyd’s Death

    That's if a jury has the courage to find them guilty. When a NY jury acquitted the badged murderers of Amadou Diallo , shot 41 times, I'm not confident any jury has the steel to do what's right based on the evidence. Please Lord! Let this jury bring justice to George Floyd and his family...
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    UC Davis Researcher Studying Whether Dogs Can Detect The Smell Of COVID-19

    I don't see this Covid 19 lock down coming to an end anytime soon. Why would anyone train dogs to sniff out a virus? CBS Sacramento UC Davis Researcher Studying Whether Dogs Can Detect The Smell Of COVID-19 By Steve Large October 12, 2020 SACRAMENTO (CBS13) – A UC Davis alum is on a team...
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    (This is a true news story) New Orleans Archbishop condemns priest’s desecration of altar in ‘demonic’ sex act

    At this moment other than to say this, I am at a loss for words or the ability to truly absorb how this could be a true story. But it is. October 11th, 2020 Christian Post Church of Sts Peter and Paul, Pearl River, Louisiana. The Archbishop of New Orleans has expressed anger over a...
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    Prayers for those in the path of Hurricane Delta. Gulf coast and inland

    <<<Click for live storm mapping @ Hurricane Delta Strengthens to Category 3 in Gulf Ahead of Friday Landfall; Life-Threatening Louisiana Storm Surge Ahead At a Glance Hurricane Delta is over the Gulf of Mexico and has strengthened into a Category 3. Delta will landfall along the...
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    Cincinnati Skyline Chili! (Not easy to make but sooooo worth the time.) <That's not my opinion, that is an editorial comment from my taste buds.

    Recipe Cincinnati Skyline Chili If you love chili you'll love this. The sauce is a Mediterranean recipe. I use angel hair pasta in mine. This ruined me for other chili recipes. Nothing compares to this once you've had it. There's a chain of restaurants around the country called, Skyline Chili.
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    British ISIS Terrorists ‘The Beatles’ To Face Trial For Torture, Beheading Of American Hostages

    If found guilty they should be beheaded just as they did the American hostages. And then they should be buried in a single grave filled with pig guts and blood. No Islam martyrdom for you! But we're talking Great Britain. They don't have the guts to send a message to terrorists who have no...
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    Live @ 9P.M EST - 6PM WST- Mike Pence & Kamala Harris VP DEBATE in UTAH

    I have no doubt when Pence starts to trounce KH she'll resort to the same immature tactics she did during the presidential candidate debates. Should be fun.
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    Biden campaign reverses course after agreeing to ‘earpiece check,’ Trump reps claim – with just hours to go before debate

    Joe was going to go cold at this debate with Trump? No ear bud, no help at all, just him being faced with questions relying on his own acumen. No kidding his camp reconsidered. This of course tells us like HRC in 2016, Joe has the debate questions beforehand. Which isn't how it is suppose to...
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    Progressive Democrats denounce Biden’s ‘shift to left’ with ‘Bidenomics’ as nothing more than REAGANOMICS

    No, we wouldn't want Biden to blow his chance of winning highest office with Kamala as his #2. :confused: Not a good sign for Joe at the polls when the Progressives denounce him this early. All View News - Real Independent Reporting September 29, 2020 Democratic presidential candidate Joe...
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    Norton 360 Anyone have experience with this AntiV program? They have all sorts of options including a VPN.

    I'm thinking the free AV programs aren't that good. Any advice or better options for an AntiV program welcome. Thanks. :)
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    Today's announcement is official. President Trump names Judge Amy Coney Barrett as his Supreme Court nominee news video

    President Trump announced Judge Amy Coney Barrett as a Supreme Court nominee, which will allow him to put a historic conservative stamp on the high court...