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  1. AbbeyJoy

    KEEP CALM &....

  2. AbbeyJoy

    Lubuntu mini Dell laptob

    hi I need help getting flash player for my new labtop can anyone help me or has a lubantu computer that will give me ideas on how to get Flash player on my laptop? thanks
  3. AbbeyJoy

    Abbey Joy thread

    thank you! :)
  4. AbbeyJoy

    Abbey Joy thread

    Hi guys just want to make a thread about and want to shout out hi to all my friends from my friend list! Lol you can post what ever lol :D
  5. AbbeyJoy

    Last person to post wins

    <--- how can you resist passing this cute pup
  6. AbbeyJoy

    how to show God's love?

    Hi guys, just watch a sermon about were to show God's love. And learned that it can be anywhere, my question is how do I tell God's love to someone I work with or someone I know in public without freaking them out.. and how do I tell them and when is it the right time to show someone God's love...
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    for Lady bug :)
  8. AbbeyJoy

    AbbeyJoy's Woof Thread

    anyone ever wonder what their pups look like cute huh? I so want one :) lol
  9. AbbeyJoy

    Blains Puppy spam thread

    You stole my dog puppy thread....:mad:... but that's ok :)
  10. AbbeyJoy

    AbbeyJoy's Woof Thread

    how I feel when someone there's more cat post then dogs...
  11. AbbeyJoy

    Blains Christian cafe

    here's and iced coffee for you :)
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    AbbeyJoy's Woof Thread

  13. AbbeyJoy

    AbbeyJoy's Woof Thread

    time for dog pics!! :) Arf :)
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    Last person to post wins

    "Throws a bunch of M&Ms in the mix"
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    love this one :)
  16. AbbeyJoy

    Last person to post wins

    I will win!!
  17. AbbeyJoy

    how do you post gif video thing?

    Sorry if there is an answer for it just couldn't find
  18. AbbeyJoy

    How do you know it was REALLY God?

    ooooohh!! Lol
  19. AbbeyJoy

    A LEGO Bible?

    I like this bible better ----->
  20. AbbeyJoy

    You know you're a nerd when you

    When you want to dress up your