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    Sometimes I get doubtful

    I mostly live for God in a probably bad way..... I feel like I've given up on things when I was atheist. It all seemed unworthy of the pain. But then when I heard someone as big as God would love me, I felt so excited and I just threw myself onto Him and I felt as if the love was returned...
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    How to make progress....

    How do I make progress? I feel like other Christians do so well and I take so long. I don’t read bible, and pray so much or read sermons so much. Do I focus on wrong things compared to other Christians? Do I worry so much about “how” or do I think too much on thinking? I think to myself...
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    Losing faith

    Honestly sometimes I just wish it was all over. I just want to forget about God and end myself.
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    “Who are you?” Writing

    Who are you? GASP. My old thoughts are coughed out as if coughing out water after being saved from drowning. My body felt like a corpse before, and now I really feel like I can breathe... Suddenly I’m warmed by your voice. “I love you.” My eyes widen, as I stand frozen, paralyzed in...
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    I wish I didn’t exist

    I feel kinda the same way at times too. False doctrines, confusion over things in the Bible, difficult doctrines to accept, it gets difficult at times. The main purpose however is loving God, don’t worry so much about perfection and get into legalism. Being Christian doesn’t mean we won’t...
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    I wish I didn’t exist

    Even if you’re imperfect God still loves you. We’re all imperfect on purpose, so we can rely on God and love Him. Because we’re relying on God and not yourself, focus on God’s ability and not your own. Maybe even forget about how strong you and dismiss it because, God is who you rely on, not...
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    I wish I didn’t exist

    I get so tired of everything at times I wish nothing existed. I wish all the pain and confusion would go away and nothing would exist. I know God loves me, but Christianity itself gets annoying at times. Conspiracy theories, false doctrines, knowing who to trust or not. If I said I didn’t want...
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    How do I fear and love God?

    How can I love and fear God? I’m advance, I’m sorry for how rebellious and foolish I act. I’ve been so confused and hope in venting someone can help me understand, so I can grow in my relationship with Jesus. Before I met God, I was scared of existence and a coward when it came to pain...
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    I worry so much about unsaved

    Thank you for responding to me about this and giving some advice! I’ve been so worried about this topic for awhile. I’ll keep seeking God and learning about Him!
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    I worry so much about unsaved

    I guess it’s just if God exists, Hell exists. For extreme good there has to be extreme bad. For me, I could find comfort in God. Even if I struggle, he can help me find out things with Him. I guess sometimes I worry if I’m saved or not, but for the most part I want to dedicate my life to God...
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    How to be saved?

    How I know I’m saved? I feel as if I say I need God in my life, but rely a lot on sinful things to try to run away from my problems. I’m very ignorant, and in my anxiety, I have hid away from God not reading the Bible as much as I should have so sorry for my foolishness, I’m hoping I can get...
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    Waiting too long to seek God

    I keep waiting so long for everything to be so easy and clear. God helps me get awareness about problems but I still don’t do enough. God helps me learn things, and I write them down but then I don’t practice them, I go back to sin, waiting to go to God when I “learn enough”. It’s wrong...
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    Not doing enough to seek God comparing myself

    I feel so inactive in actually going to God. I say constantly how much of good idea it is but I don’t do it. I constantly feel nervous of really handing my life over to God when it really is the best choice and I just don’t know what’s wrong with me. I feel so annoying making another post, but I...
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    Lying to myself in comfort zone

    Thank you for the reply! How do I get myself to trust God like I should instead of trusting too much in my own eyes? I keep shutting out everything in my apathy and it’s hard to listen to God when that’s what would help.
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    Lying to myself in comfort zone

    What seems so comforting to me at first is just being able to live trying to please every desire I have, to leave the comfort zone would be to have faith and give up on that sinful life style for what really has meaning with God. I just feel so nervous giving my life in God’s hands though...
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    Lying to myself in comfort zone

    I’ve been making meaningless fights against truth just to stay in my comfort zone. I get stuck in denial for so long lying to myself saying, “I don’t need God to be satisfied,” “I can go to God later” just because I’m so selfish caring about my own sinful wants. I feel stuck in this...
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    Feeling so apathetic and cold

    Thank you so much for the reply! I’ve been confused for awhile and you helped answer some questions I’ve been stuck with and I felt like I could relate!
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    Feeling so apathetic and cold

    (Sorry this appears disorganized and bad. Some stuff I’ve talked about from some of my last posts are here, I just want to try to piece everything together because I have been so confused.) Apart of me has always been so eager to give up. I keep saying to myself I just don’t feel like “that...
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    How do I let go of sin?

    I feel stuck shutting God out. And ignoring Him. I talk to Him last second only when it’s convenient and I constantly try to distract myself. I usually talk to God in the shower and before I sleep, but only because it’s convenient for me and I’m so two faced. It feels difficult going to God...
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    Apathetic and hopeless

    I’m sorry I didn’t really respond to your first post. I’ve just kept shutting God out and people that try to help. I keep saying because there’s a choice to not choose God, I have to because I’m not good enough to be with him now and I act like going to him is a dream because I’m afraid I’ll...