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  1. Aerials1978

    When spiritual leaders fall.

    It has been confirmed by his ministry that these things did happen for many years. And you’re correct, our faith should not be upon any human but God alone.
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    Are we in the precursor to what becomes Hell?

    First, you would have to define what sin and evil are and how they directly effected creation as a whole.
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    Is it Wrong to go to Synagogue?

    Any place of worship that does not believe Christ is the Lord and the giver of physical and spiritual life is dead. There are many churches that fit into this category.
  4. Aerials1978

    Does God forgive suicide?

    I wish no one would contemplate such a horrific and destructive act. We do live in a fallen world and until God brings about the new Heaven and new Earth, unfortunately things like that will happen.
  5. Aerials1978

    Does God forgive suicide?

    It’s hard to say since we are not God. Jonah wanted his life to end and he had spoke to God directly. Same with Elijah. Of course God told no way.
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    What was the last thing you ate?

    Bean Burrito with green chili sauce. Dell Taco. You can’t beat their prices.
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    Does God forgive suicide?

    It might be. Bu
  8. Aerials1978

    Does God forgive suicide?

    It might be. Bu
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    Does God forgive suicide?

    Very difficult question. Jesus knows the hearts of those that belong to Him. Have their been believers that have? Yes. Have they gone to be with the Lord. I do believe the answer is yes, although I would not put God to such a test.
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    Was Jesus the first man?

    I haven’t quite determined if your OP’s are meant to seek theological discussions or to be argumentative.
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    Was the crucifixion that Jesus endured the worst possible suffering a human could experience?

    Pretty close. The Romans perfected the agony of crucifixion.
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    "The Soul That Sinneth, It SHALL Die."

    I’m not a antinomianism person. The Ten Commandments is Gods divine law for morality. If one is broken the all are broken. We all have broken them and cast a separation between us our Creator. Jesus’s perfect life and atonement is the only thing that can reconcile us to our Father. Should we...
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    "The Soul That Sinneth, It SHALL Die."

    I have to disagree with your premise. No one is saved by keeping the law. The Israelites couldn’t even do it. Why would God cast such burden on the Gentiles? Therefore no one will be declared righteous in God's sight by the works of the law; rather, through the law we become conscious of our...
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    "The Soul That Sinneth, It SHALL Die."

    Well again your have to take the test within context. These were Jews who had come close but ultimately rejected it. Is it your contention that God will essentially remove the seal from an elected individual?
  15. Aerials1978

    "The Soul That Sinneth, It SHALL Die."

    The writer of Hebrews was speaking of Jews who knew of Jesus, heard the message of the salvation and rejected it. They wanted to return to law of Moses. Many people have received “The knowledge of truth” and have chosen to deny it. The writer is saying there is no other sacrifice to be given...
  16. Aerials1978

    Must we repent in order to be forgiven?

    One true sign that one has been “Forgiven” is the conviction of your sin and not wanting to continue in it. Some choose to continue. In doing so you may lose favor with Jesus and if grievous enough, He may cut your life short(Ananias and Sapphira. The Sin that leads to death; 1 John 5:16-17)...