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  1. love_comes_softly


    Please pray that the Lord have His way in our lives. I know He’s in control of everything and that everything will work out for the good of those who love Him. Praise the Lord. I personally have been struggling with sadness, unexplainable sadness. I know that’s kinda the state of things right...
  2. love_comes_softly

    Censor yourself?

    Hello All :) Recently, we have had a situation at work where I realized that there are times when I censor myself. I think about what I'm saying before I say it. I consider my audience, but I realize that not everyone does this. Do you censor yourself? Do you share your thoughts and speak...
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    Addiction completely surrounds us these days. I'm sure in some ways it's always been something that generations have had to deal with, but I feel like it's very prevalent right now. The drug epidemic has probably hit every family and it makes my heart ache with how it changes people, families...
  4. love_comes_softly

    Encourage One Another

    I was really blessed in reading Seoul’s thread about introverts and seeing how peacefully disagreements were handled. It made me think that with the hundreds of people on here, it truly is amazing that we are able to share and learn from one another as well as disagree with each other from time...
  5. love_comes_softly

    Thinking about 2019

    2019 has been quite the year. I find myself excited for what the Lord is going to do in 2020. A new year can mean so many different things. It could be a fresh start to some and just another day for others. In thinking about this past year, what are some of your take-aways? What have you...
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    Why are you single?

    Hello All, In thinking about meeting different people, I sometimes wonder why they are single. I find it to be an interesting question when it’s asked of me and I do think there is value in trying to answer that question. So WHY are YOU single? Is it because of circumstances, past...
  7. love_comes_softly

    Would you want to know??

    We all know that we aren't promised tomorrow, but IF we could know when our last tomorrow would be, would you want to know? Why? Why not? If so, would it change how you're living your life? Would it stay the same?
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    The Power of Loneliness

    Loneliness is something that probably everyone has dealt with at some point in his or her lives. It takes on so many different shapes and forms and it can be such a powerful life alternating feeling or experience. It is a real/deep thing that people go through and yet at the same time, it is a...
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    Please pray for my mum. She had cancer and today found out that some bleeding she’s had recently isn’t normal. They say it’s a sign of cancer and she will need more tests.
  10. love_comes_softly

    Responding to "How are you?"

    I had a random thought tonight, while walking through the store. Someone that knew me (I have no idea who it was) asked me how I was doing. I answered the way that I always do, "good, thanks and you?" It's pretty rare that I respond any other way, even when that's not how I actually feel. I...
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    Depression is something that most people have had some sort of experience with in one way or another. I don’t believe there is necessarily one answer to the question I’m going to ask, so feel free to share your views with the understanding that it’s different for everyone. Is depression...
  12. love_comes_softly

    Difference between conviction and guilt?

    Hello All, I’ve been thinking about the difference between feeling convicted versus feeling guilt. What do you think the major difference is? Have any scriptures come to mind? Thanks for sharing!
  13. love_comes_softly

    What does music mean to you?

    In talking with family today, we were discussing the power of music in some of our lives. It was interesting that it meant different things to different people. What if anything does music mean to you? Has it had an impact on your life? Do you listen to it at certain times? What kind of...
  14. love_comes_softly

    Favorite things..

    What are some of your favorite things?? :D I have to admit, my inspiration came from watching "The Sound of Music". :LOL:
  15. love_comes_softly

    Hardest Lesson

    I've always been someone who learns from others and what they've gone through. I know this isn't true for everyone.Recently, I've been pondering what some of my hardest learned lessons have been. What has been one of your hardest learned lessons in life? It could be something from your...
  16. love_comes_softly

    Which is more important?

    I was attending a training and this was one of the questions we had to answer. There are many things that make relationships work, but in your mind, which is the most important? Why is it the most important? Feel free to share/give examples of successful/unsuccessful relationships that had...
  17. love_comes_softly


    Hello All, So something super out of the norm and sorta embarrassing. Out of nowhere today, I was overwhelmed with this feeling of sadness. I'm not sure where it's come from or why. Please pray that it will go away, but the Lord will show me why or what I'm supposed to do with it. Thank you...
  18. love_comes_softly

    Opposites Attract

    I was recently discussing this topic with a couple friends and thought the responses were quite interesting, so I thought I’d bring it here to this forum. Do opposites attract? Why or why not? Is it wise to be with someone who is completely different than you? What do you think about being...
  19. love_comes_softly

    What is the Lord showing you?

    One of my favorite things is learning about how the Lord is working in other people’s lives. I find it uplifting and encouraging. Soo.. what has the Lord been showing you lately? It can be something little or big, old or new. The Lord reveals things to us in different ways, so is it...
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    Something I’ve noticed in observing people lately is that as people get older, it becomes easier to become bitter. Why does this happen? I’ve always thought that at the root, it was just being upset with God for something that did or didn’t happen, but why does it seem to really present itself...