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    the death of self-righteousness

    Sin is failing to obey God, to love God and others, it is something that separate us from God. This video explains it much more deeply
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    Speak Your Mind.

    If i want to speak up my mind i would like to express just how truthful Christ is, there are people who doubt that Jesus Christ was The Son of God. But to those people i would like to ask, have you ever ask yourself why did God asked Abraham to give his one and only beloved son (Isaac) as a...
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    Hello :D

    Hello :D
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    Yeah, i have also watch almost every video from the Bible Project, i love their art as well :) As for Santa that is true, my mom let me know about Santa not being real since i was very young, she only give our gifts on Christmas morning but we knew it was her and my dad, i enjoyed Christmas and...
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    I love those 7 minutes sermons fruit of the spirit, the problem is that I have watch all his videos like a trillion times, I love researching about God and learning more, if you know any other true Christian you tuber, please let me know 😊
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    You follow him too? I love all his Bible Studies :)
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    By research yes, there is no evidence that Jesus was born on December 25, it became just a custom back in the day. And yes, it has pagans origins, even so if you decided to put God and Jesus in the celebration and celebrate our savior, i see nothing wrong on the celebration. If you want one of...
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    Single women

    From the moment i read the first post i knew it was just one of those people that are only in here to create controversy and hate, those kinda people is better to ignore, they just want attention :/ I mean why would anyone but Christian or people that want to learn more about God be in this...
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    Haha don't worry you are not annoying at all, i have a few friends that are ESTP, they are pretty social and nice :)
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    Hello and Welcome to CC :D
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    Comment by 'SweetStars' in media '43880707_10213960644551000_8574496516738121728_o.jpg'

    Amazing!!! For someone that has never experience seasons and even those who has experience seasons, this is amazing, it truly humbles me and makes me remember just how wonderful our God is.
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    Sex before marriage: a poll

    I though The Bible was very clear on this one, sex is reverse for marriage only, we have to be careful and not fall into our own understanding and always remember that God give us His word for a reason, so that we would not be tricked or fall into the lies of this world.
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    Hello and Welcome!!! :D
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    Last person to post wins

    Everyone is a winner!!! :D
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    Wow that is pretty cool, i never saw so many INFJ at the same time, is very nice to meet more INFJ :giggle: ISTP that is very nice, they extremely talented makers "People with this personality type are natural Makers, moving from project to project, building the useful and the superfluous for...
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    @Sherril Thanks Sherril! :D @theanointedsinner Thanks :)
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    Is the church obligated to do anything with singles?

    Thanks, please excuse me, but what do you mean by new church thing? Is it about changing to a new church? And i totally agree about Bible study groups, it would be awesome! :D
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    Thank you very much and God bless you too! :D
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    That is a though one, i went through that after i graduated from university. What helped for me was to set an schedule and to set a daily goal, applying for a minimum of 5-7 jobs per day, do that everyday and pray to God telling him to please let you find the job that He has for you. Also keep...
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    Is the church obligated to do anything with singles?

    This is exactly what happened to me, i go to Church because i believe we are call for fellowship with the Church, If i remember correctly Hebrew 10:25 explained that we care call to meet with one another. So when i went to Church the message is awesome but them none talks to me or even...