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  1. razor17

    A very good discussion on Bible history and relevance to modern end-times....
  2. razor17 back :D

    Well, hello everyone after an extended hiatus......the former ultimatum77 is back now as if you were a friend of ultimatum77 and would like to be his friend again...join the CULT OF ULT! (just kidding) but seriously do send a message or friend request, I am trying to remember...
  3. razor17

    need help/advice for dubai

    Hello, Are there any indians from dubai on CC that would be willing to help/advise me on relocating to dubai for a job? Any help would be welcome thanks! - razor17
  4. razor17

    Anyone who lives in dubai/uae....

    Hello, Is there anyone who lives in dubai/UAE who can help/give me advice on living there? Please PM me. Thanks.