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    Warning to Christians: Totally Refuse COVID Vaccines

    Please stop the nonsense. We are mortals here and by me deciding not to trial a jab I do not believe is necessary or safe.. I am not responsible for anyone else getting poorly and dying! This illogical emotional blackmail needs to retreat! You trial the jab to supposedly lessen symptoms to...
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    Warning to Christians: Totally Refuse COVID Vaccines

    The vaccine is non-conventional and should not be forced on anyone. Think of the mRNA technology as a pre-treatment… It does not prevent infection but actually uses your own body system to create the spike protein. Research yourselves. Or the Oxford version uses Chimpanzee faeces to extract...
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    The Law

    Those that Love Him.. Keep His Commandments. ^True because He taught us this Himself. End of. The New Covenant is for all that Believe on Him. One Commandment will cause division.. the Sabbath. The rest most identify with out of Love.. All the Commandments are of Love for GOD and each...
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    God created mankind in His own image

    Do you consider Adam that was formed of the ground.. then Eve from His rib.. a different occurrence to the male and female creation?
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    Hi guys, Messianic Jew here. scripture swap with less hate please.

    s Worry not.. I will not trouble you.. If GOD wishes to share through you then all in good time. You have been a refresher.. I will be watching for your posts. :)
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    Hi guys, Messianic Jew here. scripture swap with less hate please.

    You built your house on the Messiah’s Testament .. Enough said. I have been using YAH well.. YAHVAH and YAHSHUA for a decade nearly.. but thank’s for the thank’s hehe. I have been likened to a Pharisee and accused of all sorts.. but my belief is.. Build your house where it is Taught to be...
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    Blind to grace .

    Faith... our Faith to keep believing and asking for strength and comfort to abide here in this world.. ‘Lead us not into temptation but deliver us from all evil’ We have temptations.. we are new Spirits in the mortal flesh.. Needing oil for our lamps.. It is our Faith..
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    Hi guys, Messianic Jew here. scripture swap with less hate please.

    Ajaron.. Welcome. The New wine is better.. The Old Wine had to be shared and drank for a while. The risen Bread gives life... but was prepared and given through the unleavened. Praise YAH for the Law of Love. p.s What is a Yeshua first believer?
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    Organ donation

    I have always struggled with the dilemma of organ donation. My personal choice is no.. though I know faced with a loved one being ill and needing.. it may become more difficult. The idea that a Doctor could deem one life less worthy to save 5 lives.. always burdens my conscience... Your...
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    Vaccine is killing more people than covid

    Personal count... 2 have died. 2 had blood clots but still alive. Another a heart attack. All had jabs.^ Each should decide if they believe the jab is safe and necessary for themselves... The dividing antics should be expected.. Just consider.. Next up those without the jab can not buy or...
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    Psalm 62

    For that person in need right now. GOD be our strength and comfort.
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    Not By Works

    Affirming yourself or getting some pal’s to affirm is not going to cut it... that goes to myself too! You give opinion based on interpretation.. as do I.. factual according to that and whomever else Laps up your opinion and soothes your ego. Share the Lord’s Testament and give relief from our...
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    Not By Works

    Matthew 5 5 And seeing the multitudes, he went up into a mountain: and when he was set, his disciples came unto him: 2 And he opened his mouth, and taught them, saying, 3 Blessed are the poor in spirit: for theirs is the kingdom of heaven. 4 Blessed are they that mourn: for they shall be...
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    Not By Works

    The Lord gave Testament which Paul shared.. as did many others.. your writing above is opinion as is mine.. let the Word of GOD be heard above all our opinion. So if a person feels that Paul’s writings are not in line with the Lord’s then let them read Jesus first and last for life they give...
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    Mark of the Beast PRECONDITIONING National Lockdown /Chip Implant (666 Resistance Prayer)

    You will know what you are about to take is against the Most High. So many declare they make a pact with the devil. If you want to be part of the peace and safety world they propose then you will most probably take an oath or renounce your Faith in return for a place in the New world. Those not...
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    If we are going to keep the SABBATH the 7th day, in HEAVEN, Why are not people keeping it now ???

    The only way we can Keep the Sabbath is through Believing in the LORD.. each week remember to Keep the Sabbath separate because you Love He that Loves and Saved you. One can keep the Sabbath through the Law of Faith but not according to the Law of Moses. If you know the difference then praise...
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    Jesus told us to Honor Passover

    The New wine is a Gracious gift that no works can buy you. Believe that GOD sent His own Son to pay the price of our sins and redeem us. Law of Love. For the Old Testament is not void but fulfilled. Only One Lamb was able to overcome and found Worthy. Friends set your heart upon the Good...
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    Not By Works

    If something our LORD said is countered with a Paul said... know that interpretation divides. the Truth is One and the tittle tattle is of men.. GOD enlighten us always. Paul a servant of GOD. Peace and love to all.
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    Exposing!! The Corrupt Counterfeit (NIV) Bible, Verses That Have Been Tamped With!!

    When you know you know.. ;) Keep at it. Glory to the Almighty GOD.
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    Psalm 62

    Stay Calm and remember GOD is Gracious.