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  1. AbbeyJoy

    Lubuntu mini Dell laptob

    hi I need help getting flash player for my new labtop can anyone help me or has a lubantu computer that will give me ideas on how to get Flash player on my laptop? thanks
  2. AbbeyJoy

    Abbey Joy thread

    Hi guys just want to make a thread about and want to shout out hi to all my friends from my friend list! Lol you can post what ever lol :D
  3. AbbeyJoy

    how to show God's love?

    Hi guys, just watch a sermon about were to show God's love. And learned that it can be anywhere, my question is how do I tell God's love to someone I work with or someone I know in public without freaking them out.. and how do I tell them and when is it the right time to show someone God's love...
  4. AbbeyJoy

    AbbeyJoy's Woof Thread

    time for dog pics!! :) Arf :)
  5. AbbeyJoy

    how do you post gif video thing?

    Sorry if there is an answer for it just couldn't find
  6. AbbeyJoy

    Adam and Eve had a belly button?

    I know silly question and I'm sure someone asked this before..just thought I lighten up with this :D
  7. AbbeyJoy

    Downton Abbey

    Anyone watches this show? Can't wait till season 5 here in the us in January :) So what's is everyones favorite people on there? Mine is Lady Mary and lady syble (miss her and Matthew)IT on Branson also like Anna and Mr Bates. And Mrs Patmore. Pretty much like all of them but yeah lol :) oh...
  8. AbbeyJoy

    True Christmas

    There were shepherds living out in the fields nearby, keeping watch over their flocks at night. An angel of the Lord appeared to them, and the glory of the Lord shone around them, and they were terrified. But the angel said to them, “Do not be afraid. I bring you good news of great joy that will...
  9. AbbeyJoy

    Heaven's for Real

    Idk if there is a thread already but I thought I would do one. So what you all think of it? I love the book makes really ready for heaven and exited to see people and people of the bible there :)
  10. AbbeyJoy


    I work there every Thursday, best time to get there is 2 hour early to spend quiet time reading and writing. I often feel God presence there to I get alone time at home to and at church but for some reason the library is we're I really can think and I read my devotional and write in my journal...
  11. AbbeyJoy

    Message bible

    Hey everyone got a post from a friend on Facebook here:Please stop reading The Mesdage Bible......It will desensitize you from sin being 1Cor.6:9-11 in the Message Bible says"Dont you realize that this is not the way to live? Unjust people who dont care about God will not be joining in...
  12. AbbeyJoy

    game: this or that

    All you have to do is say something like coke or pepsi and someone will answer coke ( or Pepsi if you like Pepsi) : Dog or Cat
  13. AbbeyJoy


    Hey everyone I been thinking about the celebrities alot, I heard that Shia Laboaf(can't spell) gave his heart to Jesus a while ago and I know some other celebrities that are a follower of Jesus, like Stephen Baldwin, Kevin Sorbo, Kirk Cameron, Candace Cameron Bure, and more, I still though like...
  14. AbbeyJoy

    happy veterans day!

    Just want to take a moment to say thank you to all the veterans for all you've done thank you! :)
  15. AbbeyJoy

    my sister is adopting

    Can everyone pray for my sister and her husband they have 3 kids of there own and is now got a 11 month old from TX (we live in WI ) she was my cousins baby but couldn't take care of her so my sister stepped in to take her. She is beautiful little girl and need prayer for the approval of my...
  16. AbbeyJoy


    It's snowing in WI :0 anyone else have snow?
  17. AbbeyJoy

    hate the feeling....

    I know I got great family and friends..but when ever one of my friends started dating I get lonely... anyone ever had that feeling..wishing you had someone to go out with like your friends? :/
  18. AbbeyJoy

    name the top 10 music band you listen to the most.

    Here is mine: 1. Mandisa 2. Jamie Grace 3. Toby Mac 4.Group1Crew 5. Hillsongs 6. Addison Road 7. Newsboys 8. Seven day slumber 9. Brandon Heath 10. Natalie Grant
  19. AbbeyJoy

    game arcade

    It be,cool if they got an arcade area like Pac man or something :)
  20. AbbeyJoy

    Top 5 favorite dog breeds?

    Just a fun random topic :) here's mine 1. Huskies 2.German shepards 3. American Staffordshire 4. Jack Russel 5. Westie Terrier