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  1. MichaelOwen

    Why the United States is such a blessed Nation.

    I went on vacation with my family to the Great Smoky Mountains this past weekend for a huge car show and gathering, and while we were there for 4 days, I met a very special, very righteous pastor named Glenn from South Carolina. This man was full of euphemisms pertaining to the Bible and what...
  2. MichaelOwen

    My Testimony

    I was really nervous about writing this, but I know the Lord is giving me the strength and the courage to type it. For the longest time, I have struggled with pride, and I still fight it from time to time, and I feel the best way to get rid of pride is to spit it out, because if you swallow, you...
  3. MichaelOwen

    Teacher charged with abuse.

    http://GYM TEACHER ACCUSED OF ASSAULTING STUDENT WHO REFUSED TO STAND FOR PLEDGE OF ALLEGIANCE I wanna get some thoughts on this....I don't really agree with putting hands on the child, but I do understand coming from a traditional background and having morals and manners and respecting your...
  4. MichaelOwen

    Homosexuality = Wrong CHOICE

    I was reading a post that some guy from Ireland wrote about being gay, and what it means to him, and claiming to be a child of God. My first expression was one of disgust, and then my second was one of sorrow for that person's heart. I am in no way a judge by any means, shape or form, and being...
  5. MichaelOwen

    Merry Christmas all!

    I'm posting this into the family thread, because as brothers and sisters in Christ, we're ALL family, and I just want to let you all know that I love each and every one of you, whoever you are, where ever you may be, and I want to wish you all a Merry Christmas from the deepest part of my heart...
  6. MichaelOwen

    The Earth is a (GLOBE)

    God has put this on my heart, and I'm making this thread into the Miscellaneous thread forum because this will not be a conspiracy based post. It's all based on fact. There are people who truly believe the Earth is flat. And while they have there reasons, and many of them take scripture out of...
  7. MichaelOwen

    Good clean Christian Humor

    So....I have decided to make a thread with good clean Christian jokes and humor. Anything you see or come up with, Christian memes, jokes, one liners, post them here on this thread, but please only good clean Christian jokes :) I'll start it with one I heard a while back. So one day a man was...
  8. MichaelOwen

    Please pray for me.

    I know that I am fairly new here, and usually I keep things around to myself. But if you could, please pray for me. I feel I really need the prayers. I can literally feel my heart trying to break on me, and I could really use a prayer or two.