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  1. Jesus_Loves_You

    Academic integity

    Hi brothers and sisters in Christ, I'm in desperate need of prayer atm. For my intro to stats class the last day to take an exam was today and our professor is not really useful because of the fact that almost everyone fails her exams. This is the first time that I went to the testing center...
  2. Jesus_Loves_You

    False Prophets/ Doctrines/ Teachings

    When I first discovered CC, I was about 14 I think and I remember creating a thread exposing OSAS. Many people quoted the same twisted scriptures over and over... Now I'm back, three years later and it seems as if this site has gotten worse. Many of the things that I read about here seems as if...
  3. Jesus_Loves_You

    Applying to College?

    Good evening my fellow Christian teens, I have been gone for some time and have forgotten my true love, Jesus but slowly trying to rekindle the fire that I once had. I'm creating this thread because I want to know if any of you are applying to colleges? I have immigrant parents so they expect a...
  4. Jesus_Loves_You

    Why I don't believe in OSAS

    Yes, I know many people on here are going to attack me for saying this.... But I don't believe in OSAS. Please keep an open mind about this. A verse that OSAS believers will never answer. Revelation 2:4-Nevertheless I have somewhat against thee, because thou hast left thy first love(5)Remember...
  5. Jesus_Loves_You

    Been doing some research

    I have being doing some research on the king james bible versions, and I found something very suprising. I used to use the 1900 King James version, and when I saw the AKJV I didn't know what the difference was. They both said the same thing. Until the Lord showed me something. I have a link of...
  6. Jesus_Loves_You

    New Member

    Hi everyone am new here, and am looking for some friends (-: