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    What are you listening to?

    Yes. I grew up listening to those songs. We had it in cassettes. Not even CDs. I have heard the CDs were out at that time but it was quiet expensive I guess. At least that's what my parents told me at the time. Glad that plenty of these songs are now on Youtube and Spotify. Yes, Hosanna music...
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    Marriage Advice Please

    I'm sorry to hear this is happening in your life. Jesus does expect us as Christians to take up our cross and follow Him everyday. When you married your husband, you would have said,"In good and bad, In sickness and in health." I think those are the marriage vows. Vows made before God. A...
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    For insomniacs and those who have trouble sleeping in the night

    I practice Tai chi, so I know the what the weight of the arms can do. I sort of understand what you mean. In fact, I do stretch my arms out some days while lying down and pray. I'll try this. Thank you friend :)
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    For insomniacs and those who have trouble sleeping in the night

    I still have sleep issues. I'm coping with it. All these inputs do help when I read them. It's like a phase for me. It comes and goes. I have to get ahold of my life and find enough rest to live the life I want to live. Keeping awake night time is not good for the body or the mind. Thanks again...
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    Why are both Jesus and lucifer referred to as the morning star,

    I am not a big believer in astrology honestly. I was just trying to explain that people cannot become stars. Maybe, some people look to the stars to interpret the signs of times in the future and what not. Jesus' birth was foretold by prophets and a star is not to be confused with a person. It...
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    Why are both Jesus and lucifer referred to as the morning star,

    Regarding the question about the morning star, It could be just symbolic reference as some people suggested in this thread. And stars are not to be confused with beings or people. God alone is to be worshiped. Jesus is the Son of God, so we worship Him. He is our Saviour. It's given in the Old...
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    Random game.

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    Men can you tell if another man is good-looking?

    Every man has a sense of charm about him. Some men need not be particularly good looking. But the way they carry themselves would be more appealing than their looks. A man can look ugly and still be attractive to women because of his other traits. Mostly, it's women who think it matters that...
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    My marriage story

    I am not married. So, I don't know much about husband and wife relationship out of personal experience. But I have seen domineering husbands during my lifetime. And I have seen domineering wives also. What you owe your husband, I think you are giving him that. Loyalty. From what you have shared...
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    Warning to Christians: Totally Refuse COVID Vaccines

    I'd say that it is advisable to take the vaccine. This is a very sad year and I've lost a dear family member to Covid and many of my kith and kin have got affected by this disease. Friends as well. So many deaths because of this. So, the situation is not good. If this insane situation is to end...
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    My own thoughts on the mark of the beast

    Because there are billions of homeless people dying every hour in the streets the world over for lack of these things just because they don't have the means to fend for themselves. That's a very heartless question you ask. WHY? It's because those people were put in that position by the same...
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    My own thoughts on the mark of the beast

    You know I agree with what you say. That we don't belong to the world. That's true. The kingdom of God is not the kingdom of this world. If this is true, then just like how we run for our work and run to pay our bills, I'm sure it would not hurt to be aware of how our society works. I think man...
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    My own thoughts on the mark of the beast

    1. It is not God's design for the poor to be poor so that those who are rich can be rich. It is completely man's design. So what you're saying is that there can be no improvement if the Government interferes with society by bringing in policies which benefit them in terms of education and...
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    My own thoughts on the mark of the beast

    Your country spends or at least used to spend 300 billion on the military as opposed to 2 or 3 billion dollars for human development areas like education and health care. This was way back in 2008 or 2009. By now it will be way more for your military. The wage inequality between the have nots...
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    Unconditional love and the church's approach to homosexuality

    The first half of this passage appeals to me more as I have felt this personally. How people are all nice to you when you visit the church for the first time. But it's actually conditional. It's going to be there as long as you follow with "their" program. If any church works like that, it makes...
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    My own thoughts on the mark of the beast

    You say that because I've written too much or because you might be genuinely busy. I'm good however you feel about it. Feel free. I just noticed that you started the thread. That's cool. Take your time. No Rush.