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    interesting door dash experience.

    I wasnt sure where else to put this. sorry if its in the wrong category. Also this is going to belong Grab your popcorn and a chair. Anyway So let me start out by saying i have a hearing loss that causes me to stamer. Trust me you will need this info throughout the story. i ordered door dash...
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    having trouble installing the chat app

    I tried to download the Christgin Chat app but got this error message. I even clicked the mac button! Could someone please tell me how to change my security settings so I can try out the chat feature?
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    My friend played this song for me the other day

    My Friend played this song for me the other day. I love both the message and the epic beat! I posted the link below.
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    My 1st post

    hello! Just trying this site out. I tried looking everywhere on the web for "talk to free to to other Christians." But it just does not this exist. lol. I'm glad I found this site. I noticed you can send messages on here, so feel free to message /email me anytime! I dont bite! :) Also if you...