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  1. wattie

    What do you think about works?

    There is a difference between works done to be seen and those done out of a pure heart for Jesus. The Pharisees ad scribes were performing works to be seen not driven by belief in Jesus. Jesus wanted the disciples to do works driven by Jesus love for them in a different way to the legalistic...
  2. wattie

    Not By Works

    Okay well for eg.. looking at Hebrews 11 hall of fame of faith.. those justified by works.. the examples are of works of righteousness but not initial belief in Jesus for salvation. . So it is THE faith.. not saving faith. Then you got to a book like John and its filled with how someone is...
  3. wattie

    Not By Works

    Comes down to THE faith vs saving faith. Sort out which is being addressed by the context and much confusion and misapplication is avoided
  4. wattie

    Church cults

    Yeah, I was a New Ager myself, although we didnt call it New Age. All about drawing energy from nature and the universe. Integrated many different philosophies and religions. No foundation of real truth. I see this no foundation of real truth among many churches that dont believe the bible is...
  5. wattie

    Eternal Security: What do you do with James 2?

    Here in James is the two kinds of faith shown: Faith in receiving eternal life and THE faith, the response to already having received faith. Look at the examples in James of faith. These are all works of righteousness. They are responses to having already been converted. They are showing...
  6. wattie


    Gods attributes are seen in his creation so that people are without excuse, so I believe God can convict someone independently of them having to be told the gospel.
  7. wattie

    Not By Works

    Roman's 10:9-10 isn't works, it is a response to conviction on the soul to be eternally saved. It isn't self effort, which is works.. but letting Jesus do the saving. 'Change of mind, heart' Is conversing with God under conviction a work?
  8. wattie


    Well God can also convict someone independently of having someone share with them. I mean.. a person getting saved.. that's all God and the person sharing doesn't save them. But scripture does admonish us to share. Maybe you could do it non verbally such as a handout. I gave a work mate a...
  9. wattie

    Why Come Here?

    Weeeeell.. is that rebellion or the experience of heaps of us who try to grasp Gods nature? The cry of the human heart to know God. Anguish of mind, fear and doubt, confusion.. all part of living the faith. David, Job, Paul.. you can see it all in there writings. So yeah.. I am sure...
  10. wattie

    Why Come Here?

    So who do you believe are the Father and Holy Spirit? In scripture.... 'There are three that bare record in heaven, and these three are one' 'Let us make man in our image' Jesus... 'before Abraham was I AM'
  11. wattie

    Once saved always saved (OSAS) debunked

    Check out the verses surrounding 'he who endures to the end will be saved' Is it saved from hell? Eternal life salvation? Or is it being saved from trials and troubles? Deliverance from troubles but not eternal deliverance? Also in saying.. God won't leave me, but I can leave God.. How...
  12. wattie

    Why Come Here?

    Here ... as in This site is all over the place with different types of christianity.. best not to put all your christian spiritual growth advice into this site! Although that may not be what you mean. Do you mean here.. as in your local community?
  13. wattie

    What do we mean by 'the church'

    Called out.. to an ecclessia = called out from an abode to a popular meeting, gathering. For a New Testament church.. called out to meet as a saved, baptized group to worship Jesus.
  14. wattie

    What do we mean by 'the church'

    Of Matthew 16:18.. The references of Jesus every other time of church are of a local assembly and so therefore there would be no reason for Matthew 16:18 to be about an entity of every believer. I will build my church.. church equals ecclessia in the Greek and every other time its mentioned...
  15. wattie

    Is Michael God?

    In the bible he is a mighty arch-angel. Jude 1:9 Yet Michael the archangel, when contending with the devil he disputed about the body of Moses, durst not bring against him a railing accusation, but said, The Lord rebuke thee. Rev 12:7 And there was war in heaven: Michael and his angels...
  16. wattie

    How to deal with self doubt about your faith?

    There is a quote I read along the lines of .. 'faith without doubt, anguish of mind, without searching..without fear, is not faith at all'
  17. wattie

    Unity in the Church

    Are you posting about unity in the local church or referring to every believer and calling that 'the church' ? Unity in a local church is quite achievable and what most of the NT is targeted at. Unity in every believer is a logistical nightmare and I would say they are part of the Family of...
  18. wattie

    Only The Cross

    That's what I saw also. I don't think the OP is talking about worshipping the cross, but Jesus with the cross as the symbol of what He has done.
  19. wattie

    Only The Cross

    Even when you leave your parents to a new family, there biological connection as mother and father is still there. What I am saying is this connection isn't undone by our struggles with our parents, but God's bond to us at spiritual rebirth is even deeper. So God won't leave us when we...
  20. wattie

    Only The Cross

    The free gift of eternal life is in John 3:16, 3:36, 5:24 Ephesians 2:8-10 Roman's 10:9-10 Plus many many more verses. The most common response to posts like Kidron has is to say 'you are saying a can do what ever I want' or 'preaching a license to sin' So .. if you were given the greatest...