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    Prayer request

    We are having a prayer supper tonight and I will ask a special prayer for you. May God reach down and touch you with His loving hands and give you strength to push away your fears and doubts, that the road ahead be made easy to travel. That the knowledge of His love for you will lighten you...
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    Prayer request

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    That is a point I never thought of.......and it is an excellent one.:giggle:
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    I'm wondering if the "sinner's prayer" is a vow or an oath. I tend to think it is a vow which creates a personal bond with Christ. My father raised us to simply remember that our word was our bond and a handshake was good enough to seal any promise.
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    feeling unwell

    Healing Prayers for my Christian Friend.
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    Civil war coming to America?

    I agree with Iamsoandso. I grew up in the San Francisco Bay Area, an watched as humanity tumbled into the pit of chaos. Women's Lib movement was the start of so many behaviors that ruined the home as we knew it. Thank God my parents fled the area and moved our family of nine children back to...
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    How do I lose my SALVATION?

    Simply; Yes. And as I quoted, A "true" Christian will know when they have lost it. Just like Judas.
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    looking for friendship and fellowship with people who believe in God.

    Welcome Loi !! You have come to the right place. Remember, with God, you have all things that are possible......and that's a lot. There are many wonderful people here eager to meet and make new friends. May God richly bless you in 2019. AMEN !
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    How do I lose my SALVATION?

    Billy Graham said "There is a Heaven...........and I am going there". This statement illustrates something beyond the hope of salvation. He did not hope he was going to Heaven............he knew. As Christians, we may stray from the path of righteousness, but the Good Shepherd will...
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    What should our views be on LGBT

    For if I gained the whole world I would still have nothing. For my treasures lie beyond the physical world in the hands of my Redeemer. I will follow Him and seek His mercy, that I might attain eternal life. I will turn my eyes from sin so I may see the narrow path before me, that leads to my...
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    Say something Random

    I guess it must be smitty and in love.
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    What should our views be on LGBT

    "And lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from evil....."
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    Woman Kills Escapee.......

    I'm retired now and collecting my E-8 retired pension. But still, at 66, I am still very active. You have to when living on a farm. But I also have many hobbies...........metal detecting, hunting, fishing and we even have a mining claim we work in the warmer months. 860 ft. on the side of a...
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    Woman Kills Escapee.......

    I spent 16 yrs. in law enforcement, and was armed on duty. I'm no longer in law enforcement................but I'm still on duty. Why didn't they shoot him when he was breaking out of jail ?
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    can you guys post something funny please?

    Being a retired Marine, I can only love this one. LOL
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    What should our views be on LGBT

    Jesus saw the future and chose to die for our sins. We see a glimpse of the future through our Savior's eyes............and thank God He did.
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    Famous Celebrity Cardi B is a Satanist

    :unsure:..............I have to ask..........Famous to whom ?
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    Prayers Please

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    Prayers Please

    A big miracle for a little dog. This morning the pet hospital called to let us know that Duffer had not only made it through the night, but he was actually standing (on three legs) and eating his breakfast. We were told he had been completely run over (tires and all) yet the only injury...
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    Prayers Please

    Thanks Lily.......God bless........Stan