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    The Essence of Easter 2021 Poll

    Simple question. Everyone, please choose ONE answer! Note: Overall results are publicly displayed, but your individual answer is kept anonymous.
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    Digital Cocaine

    I think we all need to be aware of this for ourselves and our children. It's about the very real ill effects of excessive social media, videos, gaming, and porn, and all the associated snares especially for our children. Also full of scripture! I watched it twice. Highly recommended.
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    Chat groups

    Actually the chat group feature/functionality (similar to the old and probably better) can be set up in this new system. How important is it?
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    Why the New is better than the Old

    Yes the New Covenant is way better than the Old Covenant. Why? Because it's easier, it's simpler, it's faster, and it's more secure. And it just works way better. You just believe. It's that simple, fast, and easy. ('Course you must truly believe in Jesus with all your heart, and He does...
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    Download link for Christian Chat app for Android

    Edited June 16, 2018: App is now updated. :) Latest version is 3.7.4 please make sure you have at least that version. Here is the link to install the Christian Chat app directly from Playstore: Christian Chat app
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    Download link for Christian Chat desktop application for Macintosh

    The latest version of the Christian Chat desktop application for Macintosh is always available here:
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    Download link for Christian Chat desktop application for Windows

    The latest version of the Christian Chat desktop application for Windows is always available here:
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    CC Fundraiser (plz donate if you can) + petition (everyone can!)

    Hi friends, it's been three weeks since our last fundraiser, and well besides needing funds for our work and our operations, at the same time we have a fellow CC supporter needing not funds but simply your signature, on a petition. So in faith I'm sending this to all our recently...
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    Free e-book on "the new health care system" from my own personal doctor

    For those who don't know me, I'm the founding administrator of this site, I'd like to personally recommend this free e-book from my own personal doctor here in Cebu, Philippines. His name is Dr. Romy Paredes and he's a very qualified M.D. with many years of experience and...
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    cesarean birth today

    Having a baby, by cesarean, well not me by myself but me and my wife. :) Actually the baby is inside her, so she's the one who will be cut, which is fine with me :D but anyway let's pray for a safe delivery and no problems with the baby. I think it will happen today because my wife seems to...
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    Time4Learning online curriculum for our kids

    This is a review of an online curriculum that our family has used for years for homeschooling. Full disclosure: we get $25 for posting this review, which goes to my kids, who wrote much of it. :) Here is what my 10-year-old has to say, with some help from his 13-year-old sister...
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    Should posting in the Christian Singles Forum be restricted to users 18 and older?

    You vote! But we only want votes from users 18 and older (doesn't matter if you're single or married but must be 18 or older to vote). Your vote will be visible in this poll. Should posting in the Christian Singles Forum be restricted to users 18 and older? I don't think it matters a whole...
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    Super Typhoon Yolanda aka Super Typhoon Haiyan

    In America we call it a hurricane; in this part of the world it's called a typhoon. It's the same thing, if you don't know. There are many each year that hit the Philippines but this one is expected to be the worst this year, and it's headed straight for Cebu (our province). It's a "super...
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    Many earthquakes today here in Cebu

    First one was a 7.1 or 7.2 magnitude, woke me in the morning, shaking the house. The epicenter was in the neighboring province of Bohol, but most of the deaths and damage is here in Cebu. Death toll is nearing 100 now and injuries nearing 200 as of now. Many more quakes and aftershocks...
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    Pope becomes even more heretical

    For all you Catholics here, you're gonna love this news snippet: Pope Francis is reaching out to gays, saying he won't judge priests for their sexual orientation, but closed the door on woman priests, in remarkably open and wide-ranging news conferences as he returned from his first foreign...
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    Alex Jones from InfoWars on BBC: appears to be a madman

    Alex Jones is one of the most well known conspiracy theorists on the internet, with is website I listened to this guy some on his website and honestly some of his rants and point just didn't seem very sensible. Here he is recently, in the UK, on BBC. You need to watch it all...
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    natural remedy for kidney stones

    This guy seems for real and this seems very convincing, as simple as it is. It would be interesting to see if anyone with this problem (kidney stones) can get verifiable results from this simple remedy. I was feeling something in my kidney recently...
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    Natural health

    For years I've been planning to add this forum, so here it is, and here's my simple intro. Doctors are not evil, but the best doctors are those who have a thorough understanding of the human body and nutrition and environment and activity, and how God designed it all to work together...
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    Why a forum for Arab Christians

    This forum was requested by some of our Arab members who are former Muslims and who want to encourage and help each other and also reach out to other Muslims. We do get a fair number of Muslim members here in Christian Chat, and some are genuinely open and seeking, and some even get saved...
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    Christian discernment on real conspiracy, corruption, greed, agendas, etc.

    I don't believe many "conspiracy theories", however it's a fact that there's very real conspiracy, corruption, greed, etc., in the government, corporations, academia, etc., and it affects us all -- even the milk we drink! It also affects the medicine that we take. The vaccines that we give our...