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  1. Riss

    Jesus and Me

    Jesus and Me By Marissa Graham 8/06/11 Jesus save me, From the curse of Satan, Cast him away, I am waiting Jesus love me, Through good and bad, Hold me close, Wipe away my tears Jesus forgive me, For i have sinned, Clean my slate, Make me whole again Jesus protect me, Cover my heart, Let...
  2. Riss

    Live for Jesus

    Who do we become? When we don’t get our way Where do we go? When our hearts go astray What lives do we lead? When we leave the pew when our smiles fade What do we do? If we turn to Jesus He will light the way If we go to Jesus In His arms we will lay If we ask for Jesus In our hearts He will...
  3. Riss

    Story Game!

    I will start out by writing the first sentence and hopefully others will follow by writing ONE sentence each. Lets see what we can come up with in a few weeks! :) this might work, and it might fail. but oh well. There was a time when all i could think about was falling in love with the perfect...
  4. Riss

    What do you do when you are feeling down?

    I am just curious as what you all do when you are sad? What kinds of techniques do you use to come out of your slump?
  5. Riss

    my name is Marissa and im addicted to CC

    My name is Marissa, I am 23 years old and i live in Michigan. I've lived in Michigan for 23 years. I have a 1 year old Daughter named Alexa or (AJ) i call her that too. She is the sunshine of my life. I was save on November 8th 2010 so I am a farely new christian. I am addicted to christian chat...