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  1. ZiiiiWill

    Is marking of Mark of the Beast is literal or just figurative?

    The mark of the beast, I suppose must really translate as Sick that makes people Sick that gets things Sicker. It is said, you must forgive 70x7, Punishment that is just, and does not overflow onto others, causing them harm. I suppose it is wrong, that people are evil if they buy or sell. A...
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    Optimal Mystic Girls!

    Have you read this ?
  3. ZiiiiWill

    Let's play

    I saw a man once, but I didn't see him wise . . .
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    Last person to post wins!!!

  5. ZiiiiWill

    Ask the user below you a question

    Any angel statue that passes the one, God! True?
  6. ZiiiiWill

    Ask the user below you a question

    I don't think that there is any crime to feeding idols, or worshiping them. The only the crime is if you put a wrong idea from an idol for right. Get another idol if it is not any value to the situation- or you could live with out them. In general, I think there is a lot of wisdom in idols, and...
  7. ZiiiiWill

    Ask the user below you a question

    I am a musician, artist, lyricist and a computer gamer. What do you think of angel statues?
  8. ZiiiiWill

    Totally confused.

    I think several of the messages in the bible is to obey your own instincts or wisdoms or intelligences instead of what 'voices' might say. It could lead to disaster. "The devil can disguise itself as an angel of light" "Lead us not into temptation" Just be righteous.
  9. ZiiiiWill

    The Word Of The Lord

    I preach for more goodness and righteousness to be invoked on the spirits around frequently . . . those that the spirits of the helpers of the Lord. I wish others could do this righteously often.
  10. ZiiiiWill

    Optimal Mystic Girls!

    Greetings! I am new here . . . I'd love to find some angel mystic girls to chat to, to brighten up my day and star up the night . . . If you would like to chat about God, Spirituality, Romance, Philosophy, Gaming, Art or Music I'd love to hear from you! I have loads of ideas and inspirations . . .