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    Reports 750 killed defending ark of the covenant

    Reports are trickling out and we this point it is quite unclear what has actually happened. Possibly this is the location of the actual ark. Is it possible the powers of the ark somehow lead to the carnage? Many have tried to take the ark over the centuries with one of the most recent being the...
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    Congratulation to President elect Joe Biden

    God's will be done. I am very thankful for this result. I feel much more at peace with the future of the country and the world. It is such a relief and I am so thankful. For those of you Christians who fear this event, I say fear not. You will not lose any freedoms. You will not suffer...
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    Why do Christians support Trump?

    I just can not see any way to support him. Ok, so we are all sinners and of course he has sinned plenty. I do not see him repenting of anything. He condoned the the brutal murder of Jamal Khashoggi. He has numerous close ties to organized crime, e admitted in recently released audio that he knew...
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    Thank you for the chance to discuss and debate The Most High and the Bible